Like the simplicity of it

Sometimes websites in general are very busy visually and take a while for me to accumulate. This new site is not like that - straight forward.

  • All the items are there as before.

  • Want to see how it looks with a lot of posts. I like to quickly move through posts to find what interests me.

  • Will there be a search feature?

  • Like being able to format titles, sub-titles, etc rather than just all caps or quotes.

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Very nice.

  • Categories are a great idea
  • This forum 2.0 is indeed lightning fast
  • Typing texts is easier in this box

I always wanted to post an image on this forum.
So here I go. This is a test post. :upside_down_face:

Greeting to Shiloh from The Netherlands!
When you are in K9 Home Security Mode your bark travels all the way across the ocean Shiloh. You turn on the K9 Home Security here as well.

My 2 German pointer longhairs Donja en below is Tristan (he passed away last year)


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Love that we can add the personal element. There are so many times I wanted to make a point with personal photographs that carried the message.

I grew up with short hairs and these are even more beautiful. Thanks for your photos.