Long lost and recently found again - Pi ,the movie

Not for the faint of heart, оr for the faint of the brain for that matter.


Here’s another link to the movie.

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I noticed the line about the chip he received from the wall st. gang and he knew about it but that it had not been declassified yet…humm
Background on the producer is interesting, he seems to have fallen within the globalists’ realm after graduation from Harvard, the CIA recruitment center, and obviously a very bright person himself.


As for the character in the movie, what can a scientist actually do to get more processing power?
Exept to address those who have such processors,what else he could have done?
As for the producer, the same applies, given the alternative possibilities against the globalists, which are unfortunately miserable even to this day!

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After majoring in history at Harvard he went on to get a masters in fine arts, quite a mix.
As an artist one does what it takes to produce your art. Smart fellow from a smart family.

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Huh looks interesting never heard of this one, thought this was about the Life of Pi movie which was an unusual movie not as good as the book good read that.

Yes when I searched for Pi the movie popped up. I had to scroll and search to find this movie.
The last two films viewed in a movie theater were The Life of Pi and AI.

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