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As I mentioned at the beginning of this new drama in my life, I will attempt to blog when I…


Happy to hear from U doc!

on our kazakh brothers on the other side of turan:
check out a guy from there with ‘Plazma’ bitchute channel.
what i managed to rake together is the following: those people rebelled when the banks did not give them their money without vaccine passports… …thats why they conquered the banks and literally live there right now. its not gas price. they r arresting medical professinals, politicians, doctors, looting and burning down their houses. sending them to interrogating camps. arresting policemen/soldiers if they do not co-operate. the whole country is still in a mess. thats why the ‘coloured revolution’ turned on nazarbajev in the first place. video evidence supports these claims.
there r other things to come in europe as well. we know tyranny well in the eastern section…
so the situation is not exactly color revolution. why would they do such a thing with one of most un-us blood-sucked country where they have very delicate laboratories to operate. which labs were taken over as well! and here is an interesting article how/what/for nazarbajev built things there.
be well dear doc. happy to hear u r better. wont give advices beside slow motion walking and tai chi :wink: . blessings as always

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Dr. Farrell, is there any alternative to hospital rehab you might consider? What are the advantages vs the disadvantages of putting yourself at their mercy? My apologies in advance but placing oneself in the care of the allopathic behemoth has too many instances of malfeasance and oftener that not, puts oneself in harm’s way.


Always happy to hear from you, Joseph. Glad you are starting to feel better from the bug you caught. I hope things start to calm down and you have an uninterrupted recovery. You’re still in out thoughts and prayers.


Prayers continue, dear Joseph!
In Nomine Jesu,


Your voice problems might be due to having that tube jammed down your throat during surgery. Give it a bit more time, then, if no improvement in a week or so, they could have damaged something & might need to have it looked at. Hope you don’t have to change your name to Julie Andrews.

Much prayer & Chicken Soup.



let the chicken pray… :joy: :pray:t4: :innocent:
done the soup from the beginnings many times. although plucking i don’t like. can’t tell how many times it turned into bright-eyed people. which made me happy, to the detriment of the chickens. :wink:
bright eyes for all
every day closer


Bless you and thanks for talking about Kazakstan. Your (&TLs) perspective validates my feeble take on that. The only leader I can cheer for today is Putin. I’m sure there are probably unpleasant features re The Rise Of Russia, but at least he makes sense in the scheme of Western idiocracy fascism. I’m so disgusted with and frankly traumatized (to be honest) with the state of things overall, I don’t even tune in to alt news sources for days at a time. You are an inspiration; I have almost all your books and am working through them. Prayers and hope to you getting back to health!

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