In my book Microcosm and Medium I pointed out that a certain percentage of the population appears to be, somehow, naturally incapable of being hypnotized or induced into a trance state by the usual methods of hypnotic induction, while another similarly small percentage of people appear to be particularly susceptible to such methods. This article about…


Especially when the new iPhone has a facility for an always on “night display” and stands to place the iPhone nice and level with your head on a bedside table. The iPhone also monitors your sleep schedule if you allow it. A device with a magnetic coil, placed conveniently level to your head which monitors and knows your sleep schedule. Added to that, you put your Apple Watch on in the morning which monitors your vital statistics for the rest of the day. Lovely…


I don’t think anyone is unhypnotizable. I thought I was until a medical doctor put me under. All the while I kept having “Haha, this won’t work” thoughts and felt pretty smug.
Then he said : I want you to think of a rose. What colour is it?" I wanted to say scarlet but, much to my surprise, I said creamy white. I thought I was in control - I wasn’t.


As a freshman I took a psychology class. I had to attend a session of an upperclassmen doing his course work. Four girls showed up that day to be hypnotized. When I took a peak at the other 3 girls, they all had one arm up in the air because a helium balloon was attached by a string to their wrist. I always wondered if they were faking it.


Luckily for me my iphone screen is completely broken, so not at all hypnotizing.

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Flip Phone for me!! This Grandma was warned off from the Smart Thing early!! :wink:

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This may suggest a strange correlation to one of the covid ‘conspiracy theories’: 5g will be used to send out 3 pulses at a specific frequency which will unleash hidden potentialities within the vaccine. One has to do with marshalling the nanotech. Another with unleashing a Marburg virus.


I think the iPhone does things without you giving your consent.
In the last vidchat there was a post on this exact thing and the iPhone has a function that takes an infrared picture every 5 seconds.
And there’s probably infrasound as well
In some of the post-vax “sudden death” scenarios you can see a little flash emitting from the phone, right before they die. And very often in these cases they do this characteristic movement with their head; as if they are trying to follow the movement of something moving around them before they fall over.
There have been people saying they have survived these incidents,reporting of “portals opening and demons coming after them”, which of course sounds far fetched and can easily be fairytales,but it sure looks like they’re trying to chase something away.

the trailer for “Cell”

the complete movie


A 5G phone is also a tracking device keeping tabs on your location even while driving. The phone can still be used without too much worry if it is kept 'Off", and within a faraday carry bag. Take it out of the bag, turn it on, and it will identify your location and load all incoming calls. Check your messages, and talk to your contacts using an plug-in ear-piece.

Next - if your medical prectionor, or anyone else asks you a question your 1st response should be to ask them a question. Example would be when your doctor instructs you thusly: “I want you to think of a rose. What colour is it?” Respond by saying “Well, there are so many different types of roses, which variety are you thinking about?” If the doctor becomes agitated, or snippy just respond by saying, “Who is paying for this session? Answer my question.” Of course it is rude, but once you extablish who is actually in control then you have made some progress.