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If you’ve been hanging around this website for a while you’ll know that we discuss a lot of “strange stuff” with a heavy mix of “high octane speculation,” and today we have strange stuff and high octane speculation in abundance. But first, I have to set the stage for it a little bit. One of…


LOVE the name of the California tech company bringing us their version–no doubt just one of many such wizardries–of parallel reality programming: “Misapplied Sciences”. Obviously, the misapplication of science, technology, religion, education, politics, finance and medicine is a badge of high honor bestowed upon its subjects by the god of this world. It’s sick, man, and ‘sick’ is awesome, don’tcha know.


I’ve heard technology like this is really quite old, believe this was mentioned in Barbara Marciniak’s book Bringers of the Dawn (Pleiadian channelings) that holographic reality manipulation technology has been used on earth for centuries to trick and manipulate the masses into believeing all kinds of crazy nonsensical things.

Hmmm. Jane Roberts’ Seth material has some valuable ideas as far as ‘channeling’ goes, but Marciniak’s work not so much in my view…Holographic technology—as with the “Parallel Reality” display discussed in this topic—is used not just for mass manipulation/entertainment (China’s floating cities) but in individual targeting for control, profit and good clean R&D.

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Thought you might find this interesting… long but fascinating number of bizarre changes…


Thanks for the heads up.

Recently my mum and I were discussing a long-ago event (which had a significant impact on my life), and I was shocked that she remembered the event in a totally different way. Is this a simple matter of individual perception or were our observations altered?