Manes Verulamiani (Shades of Verulam) Tributes to philosopher Francis Bacon after his death

"An independently made video by Jono Freeman.

Proof positive from contemporary men of learning that Bacon was a supreme poet, a writer of acknowledged literary work, associated with the theatre and the centre of a mystery. Jono Freeman gives an account of the 33 Latin poems, elegies written soon after Bacon’s (supposed) death, and curiously neglected by the world’s academia. He gives selected readings translated by Willard Parker President of the Bacon Society of America."

This one isn’t part mentioned in the video:

"Is it thus falls the rarest glory of the Aonian band? and do we decree to entrust seed to the Aonian fields? Break pens, tear up writings, if the dire goddesses may justly act so. Alas! what a tongue is mute! what eloquence ceases! Whither have
departed the nectar and ambrosia of your genius? How is it happened to us, the
disciples of the Muses, that Apollo, the leader of our choir, should die?

  • John Williams, Elegy 12, Manes Verulamiani (1626)"


Happy Sabbath everybody! And God bless all the pigs and devils around!

p.s.: off? any body knows where the word ‘bacon’ comes from? any chance for beacon? … :wink:

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