Well… tonight and tomorrow turned out to be rainy and cold… so my intended Bruno session went out the window again… so I console myself with a Widor organ symphony, in this case, the magnificent and monumental 5th, and performed by Richard McVeigh. If you’ve not heard the entire symphony for (really big) organ and (really overworked) organist, check out his performance here. It’s in five movements, and begins at 19:55 into the video); the 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th organ symphonies, any one of them alone would’ve been sufficient to earn Widor the name his organ and composition students gave him: Le grand maitre…


Now THAT’S some good music for Halloween ( especially between 22:50 and 25:30)! Thank you.

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Try the first and third movements of the Widor 6th which I have posted here in the forum, performed by Randall Mullins, if you want “halloween” organ music…MULLINS WIDOR 6th(WHOLE SYMPHONY)


HA! Also, be sure to check out the latest I posted on the Jokes section, especially the last few for musicians only :laughing:. Thanx again!