Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship in California

AB 873 can be found here. I’ve highlighted a few items below.

… Hmmmmm. Cart before horse here? Are we able to read, write and follow simple directions?

Media literacy? … pleeeaaasseee. Digital Citizenship? … first, we might want to learn to play well with others. Socialization First! … Oops, couldn’t have that as a slogan in CA.

… They might want to rethink this … wouldn’t that also include the ability to recognize and refuse to accept propaganda? This could backfire.

… This would also require the admission that some knowledge is better than other knowledge.
And My God, that everyone can not be correct.

… Norms? “… healthy behavior.” I am quite sure that the Marquis de Sade strongly believed his behavior to be quite “healthy”.

… Wouldn’t this also mean that one of the TPTB tactics (Thrasymachian in nature) would not be allowed? Every child knows that “because I said so” is no reason at all.


Well, there were other things going on…

Becoming Caltech — Caltech Magazine Becoming Caltech — Caltech Magazine

AND even other things more relevant…

You’re overthinking it, Dr. Scarmoge, and taking the text as if it were meant to convey information rather than to present a flurry of fluff as cover for tyranny. It’s simple: the state wants to decree which information is good information.