Microcosm and Medium

I’ve been thinking about diving into this one for a while ever since hearing Dr. Farrell mention the idea of the giant cosmic man, I hope I got that right? I think it was a Latin term used in one of the vidchats. Anyway, I was recently looking at some diagrams of three phase rotational sinasoids and overlaying that against the orbit of the planets and their tilt - axis. It got me thinking about that discussion and wondered if this would be the right book to cover some of that material? Thanks all!

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Talking about that the other day while my husband demonstrated the three phases/tilts. I said that it looked like Earth was praising the Lord. Interesting that you are looking at that too.


Looking forward to reading it for sure. I’m curious about the reference to the supreme being and this cosmic man idea. And also if singularities play a part in reincarnation.

Sorry, don’t think the cosmic man idea is about God and not into reincarnation theories. However, would find your thoughts on Microcosm and Medium very interesting. Perhaps you could continue this topic as a book talk topic.

I have been posting on my reading of Dr. Farrell’s TOME, under this topic title: It has begun - reading the TOME at last