It has begun - reading the TOME at last

Thought I would share my thoughts while reading Dr. Farrell’s TOMEs. They can be downloaded as a PDF for a nominal fee from this website.

In the beginning is a very interesting interview between the good doctor and Daniel. For those who want to know more about Dr. Farrell’s background, I am thinking this must be the place.

Part way through Vol I, it appears the TOME is about the two Europes or the two Europes and Russia, together with different perceptions of the Trinity/Godhead, and St. Augustine is involved. One thing sure, just as with Thrice Great Hermetica And The Janus Age, I will need to read this twice.

I have made some personal connections:

I have been curious about Byzantium, since 5th grade when I saw an illustration of this amazing golden domed church in our history textbook. When I asked about Byzantium, my teacher stopped, stared at me, and moved on to something else.

In pursing the Tables of Contents from each of the four (4) volumes, I noticed in the Volume 3 Table of Contents item XVI (16) is a list of “…Tactics of Apostasy” by which to infiltrate the church with false teachings using Gnosticism. This caught my eye because it is almost identical to a video called The Enemy Within the Church, which is about how Marxism/CRT has successfully and currently is infiltrating several American denominations including but not limited to the Southern Baptist Convention and those of Wesleyan tradition. Another interesting turn is, if I am not mistaken, the author of the TOME is referring to how Calvinism infiltrated the Roman Catholic church, which would be ironic, but I may be getting a head of myself.


Thank you Rheba. I know this is maybe just a simple post cataloguing your thoughts on Joseph’s work. However, I think we need more posts of this kind on the forum to get discussion going on some more heady topics. We can all learn something and bounce ideas back and forth. The constant spamming and speculation on current events around the forum has become depressing and boring. We need some variety. This forum should be more than a constant news dump, or whatever it is becoming now.

We could all help this along. I have thought of posting some of my old vid chat submissions or anything too long to bother Joseph with on here to start some discussions.

Anyway, please post more on this topic. I have not gotten to the tome yet, and would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.


Hear, here! Might I suggest you take advantage of the other categories of the site to embed your more “thoughtful” topics and conversations into? The front page of the forum is becoming more like a tumbler blog than a useful information store, and categorising your posts might help other shoots of the tree to blossom a bit.

Good luck with “The Tome”.

edit: silly me, my mouth ran ahead of the filter there. I hope my point still stands :slight_smile:


Sound good to me; just like in the old days. Getting too focus on news bits can be a diversion.


For the bookworm types;;O=A


Alas, continuing with the TOME part 1, there are 3 things:

  1. Wondering if the author of the TOME found himself in the Orthodox church because he was trying to figure out the Trinity. One, the 3 versions of the Trinity figure prominently so far in the TOME, part 1. Two, the Trinity has something to do with history and current situation of the two Europes and Russa. Last, there is a chapter devoted to the Trinity aka Metaphor in all of JPF’s books - so far - haven’t read all of them yet.
  2. The two Europes (the two catholic churches and those churches to follow) occurred because one church wanted to stay as it were (Eastern); whereas, the other (Roman) embraced and incorporated the cultural (mostly pagan) beliefs into Roman Catholic doctrine and quickly grew in numbers as a result. Of course, embracing and tolerating other cultures and beliefs, as long as they didn’t cause any problems, was a cultural characteristic of Rome. In the US, some say the Constitution is a living document that changes with society; whereas, others look to the intent of founding fathers. humm
  3. In the next post, a psalm for our times.
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This scripture began the TOME part I, section I (a):

If I ascend up to heaven, Thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold Thou art there.
If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea:
Even there shall Thy hand lead me, and Thy right hand hold me.
If I say: Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me.
Yea, the darkness hideth not from Thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to Thee.
For Thou hast possessed my reins: Thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.

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Is it very heady and arduous to work through? It all sounds very interesting. I’m eager to hear more about it. Someday I’ll get to reading it.

Some throw away thoughts:

The trinity is key to the structure of the universe. The rule of threes is pretty much everywhere, and trinities of one kind or another have appeared in the in the thinking of religious or philosophical trend setters for thousands of years. I’m noticing that sort of thing Plato’s Republic as I’m currently reading it.

The description of the two churches is accurate. I feel the western church was infiltrated and taken over by less than savoury pagan elements, like the dying and rising gods of the Greeks, Egyptians and the Amorites for example. Much of the iconography and “tradition” in the western church is very strange and loaded with occult symbolism.


TOME? I’m mainly a reader-watcher on this site, so can you define this term?

I believe this;

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Thank you. I had never found my way to that part of the site.

Thanks for the directions and link. I’ve been curious whenever the TOME is mentioned, now I can see for myself. Found this article by the person that interviewed and accepted Dr. Farrell into Oxford’s hallowed halls launching his path to us.


The TOME, like most of the good doctor’s books, is everything you said. With that level of writing, I have to wade through until I get the rhythm; then, it becomes easier and flows. Although, once at that point, I begin to talk using the words and style, which doesn’t thrill those around me.


You are so right around threes. Even in organizing/arranging things, my aunt said things must be placed in groups of three. Think of pots of plants placed on a deck for instance. there is something so right about the way it looks.

Plato’s Republic, sounds “heady and arduous.” LOL

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Don’t know why it is called the TOME, but it’s arrangement is like a dissertation. Dr. Farrell and others have suggested it to me numerous times. Interesting how it goes along with our current deteriorating situation - like a cause effect. As an enthusiastic reader of history, but am looking forward to learning about unofficial European history.

‘loaded with occult symbolism’?
you mean fairy-tale motifs, gargoyles or what? wrathful or peaceful?

the iconography of buddhism is loaded with occult symmbolism as well, just u do not see it Bill. the clouds for example represent the Sons of Buddha. see?

Interesting that you say your verbal style changes from assimilating to difficult academic material. I struggle to not speak at a collegiate level some days, or at least days when I have energy to communicate properly. I suppose that is a symptom of absorbing material like Dr. Farrell’s work.

The trinity and the rule of threes is a very deep subject. I don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

The Republic is actually very readable unless you are actually trying to figure it out. It could be a very short read if you are trying to read it for pleasure. I am attempting to really understand what Plato is saying, implying and referencing and then the implications of those things, though. I’m always thinking about context as well. I have made it arduous.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone. If that person is trying to understand what is going on throughout history I recommend it even more.

The book is extremely interesting and has endless layers to unpack. I will be dropping more submissions about it when I finish it and I plan to maybe put them all in the forum when I’m done. I hope to finish it this week, before Thursday night.


Yep, absolutely loaded with occult symbols. The gargoyles and things are obvious. I’m thinking a bit more hidden than that. I’m talking mystery school and secret religion stuff. Right down to the hand signs the figures in the art are making.

Yes, there is occult symbolism everywhere, in all religions, and in all media. What I care more about is what the goal and intention behind the symbols are. Your Buddhism reference sounds innocuous. Some of the stuff in the western church I’m not as sure about.

All very interesting stuff.

Looks like there was a lot more going on with occultic/dark magic/demonic activities in secret before a door seemed to open a couple years ago - just based on what all is now open and celebrated.

Remember when the planets lined-up - the conversion, I think? Seems to have happened after that as though something let loose, especially with the babies sacrifice and related subjects like DNA misuse, chimeras, etc. Before, there were a lot skeptics; now, it’s accepted by many, even embraced. There appear to be a lot more sociopathic activities, too. Perhaps a veil lifted - don’t know. Strange times.

Could that relate back to split of the Orthodox and Roman churches? Well see…

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