I’m constantly amazed at the ability of the Gizars to spot and share articles, and today is no exception with this wonderful article on remote microwave mind manipulation. Unfortunately, the individual who sent it prefers to remain completely anonymous, so I do not even give out his or her initials. I will, however, give out…


Excellent analysis as usual doc, hope you will mention some of my shared posts at some point in some interviews.
But i def understand if you want to wait until someone else pops up their head from the trenches.


Also have you looked into using orgone energy devices to reduce or even neutralise the harmful effects from the “polution” etc from this kind of tech?

Im usually sceptical of hippie solutions, but ive def noticed different “energy” in my “vibration” since filing my home with these cheap pyramids.
I also always carry smaller ones in my pocket and backpack when going outside.

Alot of alternative people swear by them.
My friend has even done experiment with plants.
Every time the plant with orgone pyramids in close proximity grows alot faster and is generally healthier.
So could be that it gives some kind of protection to the oxidative stress that these “telecom” towers emit.


Brooks Air Force Base
Radiofrequency Radiation Division


No idea about this page, but you can read about their supposed effects here.


Orogonite pyramids can be vey powerful!

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Ken Rohla also sells some products that he thinks help reduce effects of EMF.

I’m wondering about “shungite”… (which he sells), and don’t know much about that…

(We found out about his work, given our interest in sprouting as a healing modality).

I actually own a shungite pyramid that ive had in my bedroom for about 5years.

Recently i moved and still have a bunch of stuff left from my old place in a storage room including the pyramid.

Now i know this is purely anecdotal and that placebo is a powerful thing.
But ive had a really hard time acclimating to my new home.
After a few weeks i started thinking about the shungite pyramid and suspected it could be at least part of the issue.

Thats when i ordered all the orgonite pyramids just to try to improve the vibe here.
And i beleive it had some effects since i have been generally calmer since.

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Some are more powerful than others, Darlan Louriero makes some good ones:

I have a sneaking suspicion that human will is strong enough not to act on implanted thoughts. They are only thoughts after all. Having self awareness is key but most people’s will have been thoroughly broken and self awareness is rare these days…


ERICSSON is THE Huawei trojan horse in Canada. The Huawei gov aid has been redirected to ERICSSON who use exclusively HUAWEI large equipment. It’s Trudeau bait and switch at the “China is spying on us” crissis. I got the information from engineer at Bell (they too use HUAWEI . . . ooh the irony). Trudeau yap about creating jobs and innovation but fail to help protecting Canadian innovator who outgrow the star up stage. IE: This beautiful company who developed the hydrogen tech to retro-Fit passenger train in Europe "They got take over " by Siemens after the federal gov let them hang to dry they had no choice. Same thing happen to a pioneer of battery tech. who was developing and heavly investing in R&D. . . . Gov ignored them and an Israely corp swoop in to take over. Recently a 9bn investment was announce for a battery factory coz … short supply line is important right… well The Swede are in command … Where was the money for our local enterprise who was doing the same activity . . . . . . .

If you dream of Canada for his Universal health and education. Know that 80% is under the 40k /yrs income. 4 ever exploited 4 it’s resources and human capital. The crown didnt cared much for his deplorables (Irish/Scots/French/Italians) . They went from Trees 4 paper to Lithium for battery still the same structural scam.

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Very interesting take, hope you can share more details in the future…

Sounds similar to my take, basicly that the corrupted parts of chinese government and corporate structures are being used as a front for the old powers.
Just like they used America before.

So everyone is focused on “communism” and “china”, but they fail to understand that the CCP is just another puppet with strings.

With that said there is def a threat from the deepstate in China.
But they are just a local office for a way stronger organisation.

For example ABB has provided tech for most of the dams in China(US aswell)
With a push of a button they can take em down 911 style.

Whatever White hats know this, so they need to tread very carefully when fighting these entities.
Thats part of why we wont see big public arrests or similar until all the Sampson options have been neutralised.

Btw sorry if this is OT, could probably continue this another thread.

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