Moral Dillema Police Face

Everyone has a different perspective on Police depending on a number of factors. Some folks have been victims of unnecessary force while others have been assisted or rescued in times of trouble. One particular red flag that has been standing out in recent years has been the thin blue line of moral choices these officers have been confronted with. I see an enormous assault upon our brothers and sisters of law enforcement. A sort of weeding out those who have a moral code of ethics and are able to use intelligent decision making capabilities to assess any given situation and those who are simply “Yes” men & women who take orders and don’t think or question the authority even if it is to their own detriment or that of society. Mr. Global has capitalized upon this medical fraud issue in order to bring about a sifting out of opposition within law enforcement. Here is a recent video clip from Elana that shows what many of these officers must be facing now worldwide… ex NZ Police has something to say to Australian Police and every other member of mankind update: This morning there were several fire fighters and police over almost every overpass on I-5 from south Portland, OR through Vancouver, WA …not sure if they were protesting or preparing for something. We also have a report from MA reguarding state troopers. Trends | People-Powered News