I’ve always found the Lord Shiva statue interesting in relation to black holes and nuclear research at CERN. I had a hunch a while back that Shiva may represent a kind of recycling of information, kind of like formatting to an initial state the base data state of particles that condense into matter. I am reading some interpretation here to learn more. Similarities Between Lord Shiva and a Black Hole – Hinduism Facts


There is a great statue of Shiva at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum also (used to be royal academy of art).

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Wow just looked at the Nataraja dance, incredible!

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Sounds like a great book, the Mahabharata has reference to nuclear war, ufos and exotic technology. Interested in the veda idea that the universe is mia, an illusion. Lots of hidden secrets in the Vedas.


Such beautiful and ancient ideas in sanskrit symbology. I dont want to read too much into these things but I am intrigued to find out more as I know very little about ancient Indian culture.

Disappointed that this became an advertisement for gold, cypto, et al.

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Shiva Nataraja, anonymous, c. 1100 - c. 1200

bronze, h 153.0cm × w 114.5cm More details

“Shiva, in his manifestation as Nataraja (King of Dancers), represented in the anandatandava pose and encircled by a halo of fire, is both the creator and destroyer of the world. Beneath his foot is a dwarf, symbolizing ignorance. Richly decorated bronze figures of Hindu gods were carried in procession on feast days. Carrying poles were inserted through the rings on the base.”

Here’s another good one, Durga killing the Buffalo Demon:

Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon, anonymous, c. 1300 - c. 1500

volcanic stone, h 71.5cm × w 38cm × d 34.5cm More details

“According to Hindu mythology, the kingdom of heaven was once threatened by a mighty buffalo demon. None of the gods could defeat him. So they created the goddess Durga and endowed her with all their individual powers. This made Durga the only one capable of stopping the demon. In her eight arms she bears the weapons and symbols of the deities whose combined power she represents.”


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CERN Will Attempt to Break Power Records In 24 Hours/ WHY?

@ColonelZ Can’t like it with a heart emoji since it is so demonic, but thanks for posting.

I notice there are what look like waves and particles surrounded by a cardioid heart emanating from Shiva’s head! Open to interpretation of course.

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Whatever they say happened as a result of their “machine” will be a lie. Take care. Use your discernment. Do not trust the devil.

Also, I suggest you not entertain the “online LAUNCH ceremony”. A ritual for face mask morons and religion of corporate science. These people are fallen. 2/3rds of which will be utterly destroyed- as indicated in script.

Hopefully saint Peter can save some of them.

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I know most of you will BELIEVE and DO ANYTHING they tell you.

As evidence, your S&M child in slave mask ritual for health and safety.

My prayers are with you. But I dare not get in the way of divine justice.

Father, we pray for mercy. Your people perish for lack of knowledge.

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CERN Tonight/ 6800 GEV Reached Per Beam/Millions of Particles Colliding.

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Large Hadron Collider switches on at highest ever power level to look for dark matter. Will search for breaks in the fundamental symmetries of the universe and for explanations why the cosmos has more matter than antimatteratomic nuclei given electrical charge by the removal of electrons from their orbital shells — produce a primordial subatomic soup called quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter which only existed during the first microsecond after the Big Bang .

Shiva is the Destroyer of Ignorance. Now they did find that Black Holes do retain Memory of historical events. Perhaps that is a stretching link! A materialist would be terrified of Shiva so I don’t see Cern and Shiva on the same page.

What exactly is CERN attempting to do?

Demonic Dimensions and the Mysteries of CERN