Music Lessons and Private Education

Hi all, I am making kind of a unique post for this forum, and I hope that it isn’t violating any community rules.

Would anyone here or their friends or family be interested in private online music instruction? Or just private music instruction in general? I’m floating the idea to see what people think. I also have some other thoughts.

Let me explain why I’m asking:

I make my living giving private instruction for the drum set, I also teach beginner piano and music theory. I have post a post secondary education in my discipline and have years of playing and teaching experience.

I work as a contractor out of a large chain of music stores in my country. Right now the pressure on me is ramping up to take the jab, and it is starting to very negatively effect my ability to work. I am being pressured by my employer to fall in line, and much of my clientele have bought the planscamdemic narrative, and are no longer taking lessons with me because I refuse to declare my vaccination status. I have been told that every teacher that works in our very crowded lesson centre has taken the jab. I’m pretty much alone at my job and I don’t foresee myself being able to work here for more than another year or so, in the best case scenario. Beyond my current employment I don’t think there will be much of a future for me in this career.

I know that my situation isn’t a unique one. Pretty much everyone who can think at all is feeling similar pressure. It seems that we are being pushed through a sieve into a two tiered society where the sheeple have the right to sustain themselves and participate in culture and the critical thinkers do not.

If this is the route we are going, why not create our own parallel culture and civilization to the fallen one? We are all skilled, knowledgeable and intelligent. Why don’t we just create our own private education system? We are made to think we are alone and isolated, but that isn’t the case. We have access to individuals all over the world who share our views, through communities like our’s here at Giza. I don’t see why we should have to roll over and give up culture and education to these globalist psychopaths. People that have knowledge to give shouldn’t be stopped and censored out of society. We, and the knowledge and skills we possess may be all that is left when the smoke clears, at this rate.

I feel there are many of us that are educators of one kind or another, and we have a lot to give. Those of us who are teachers might consider bringing our expertise to more specific demographics and communities than the public at large. It seems that trying to share freely and depend on the openness of others is a losing battle.

Anyway, let me know what you all think.

I may bring this up as a vid chat question/comment as well.


Wow!!! This is a wonderful idea!!! Spacespeare, please submit this topic as a vid chat question and thank you very much for posting! :slight_smile:

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I too have been thinking about a separate, parallel culture of the free thinkers, so to speak. Initially the “new normal” culture will be in ascendency as the technocrats and conformists want to show that their way is the right way: managers, administrators, teachers, medical people etc., within these systems, are falling in line quickly (as they have shown through every stage of this demolition). It will take a bit more time for the independents to coalesce into freely associating groups everywhere, but I think that will happen. Let the conformists bolt first and try to hold the line. We have numbers too, and if the alternative projections of vaccine fallout holds, we will be the healthier and stronger population. Over time more people will search us out, but it’s gonna be a rough ride. We’re all feeling it.

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In June of this year there was a Dialogue with Member Peter that offers a template for establishing a parallel culture.

In my opinion, supporting and uplifting each other during this time of change, where we can, is extremely important as well.


You’re certainly not alone in thinking that way or having that kind of experience… In my opinion, we will definitely have to build a semi-structured parallel culture (in the best-case scenario) or an unstructured, informal underground culture (in the worse-case scenarios).

Perhaps the biggest obstacle will be like-minded people finding each other and meeting in person. This is especially true if you don’t already have a network of such people in your local area or are moving to a new area (both of which would describe me). FOR NOW, we can use digital tools to connect across great distances; I’m not counting on that always being the case. I can’t believe that, in the near term, internet or telecommunications platforms are going to get any more open or surveillance-free. So I say use those tools, judiciously, while you can. I’m hoping young, coding-savvy folks come up with technological workarounds if/when freethinking people aren’t allowed to use digital tools or aren’t able to use them safely.

The most important thing, in my mind, is to make face-to-face contacts in your local area. That’s almost impossible for me in my local area, which is one reason I’m going to relocate as soon as I can.

I love your idea of teachers, or anyone with a skill to pass on, targeting a more specific (thinking) audience instead of the (sheep-like) general public. I think we’ll need to keep the flame of culture and learning alive if it’s going to be there on the other side of what looks to be shaping up as a new Dark Age.


Well FiatLux, I agree that finding each other and meeting in person is an extremely large obstacle. A couple of weeks ago I found a group on my local NextDoor website. It reads as follows: “GREAT RESET” “Discussion regarding upcoming global, unelected government and corporate socialism.” Sounds perfect right? There is only one person in the group and I have made 4 requests to be in the group, only to be ignored. I have no way of asking why either, my request to some unknown person just hangs out there… I know that I could start a similar group… something way outside my comfort zone. Again, this is not an easy task.

This sounds like a problem that is just part of our culture now. When I was more active in the music performance community it was difficult to even get responses from people over text message for business. People just don’t feel the need to respond if they are not interested. I wouldn’t stress about it too much. As you say, if you want something done right, you’ll have to do it yourself, even if it is more difficult.

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AZgal - Funny you mention the NextDoor app… It’s the perfect example of a potentially useful tool I have very mixed feelings about. It’s popular and many people love it. On the other hand, I’ve seen it used by neighbors to snitch on neighbors – like those who left the house during lockdowns or who didn’t wear a mask when they were supposed to. I personally don’t use it because it creeps me out and feels like surveillance. But some people argue that if you want to reach people, you have to go where the people are, whether that’s Meta/Face/Zuckerbook, NextDoor, or whatever, and maybe they have a point. I’ve wrestled with that dilemma for years now… I’ve also found, over the past decade or so, people are more and more inclined to communicate only online and less inclined to actually meet in person.

So now I tell myself: “If you want to meet people who are up for meeting in person, try to meet them offline first. Go to places or events where people hang out and try to meet them there.” That can be a challenge too, of course. I think it just takes persistence.

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ND is the only social media I have ever used, unless this site is considered social media… I honestly don’t know. Anyhow you are accurate about the conflict it fosters between neighbors. Some have even come out and said that they are keeping a list of people that disagree with them. After feeling that my life has been in danger more than once, over the past couple of years, I reach out to the neighbors that seem to crave information that we discuss here on Giza via private message. 99% of the people I have communicated with just can’t seem to get out of the political mindset. They know something is going on, but are not able to comprehend the things that are discussed here, or they choose not to. My husband calls ND evil, it creeps him out as well. The problem I find when speaking to my neighbors is that I do not have an alternative solution to anything… this is what most people want, a solution presented to them, instead of trying to figure out a (local) solution together.

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Please let me know if I can help you find work. I will contact you via email.


@Spacespeare I just saw your post as I was exploring this sight, I am new here.

I might be interested in piano lessons and theory. I can say right now that I am a horrible music student do to my impatience. I play the piano by ear and when ever I Try to read music it slows me down and I get annoyed.

How would we do this? Skype, FaceTime?


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Hi Sal2lee keep you eye out from a personal message from me.

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@Spacespeare I think it’s a wonderful idea! Go for it!

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I’d be very interested in that. I have a 4 year old and a grand piano in my new house I want to get tuned. I’m awful at music, singing, but I would love my son to play piano.

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We could definitely try some lessons for your 4 year old if you are interested. I’d be fine with that. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk times and other details.


Most definitely, I’ll bookmark the post. I haven’t moved yet due to my husband’s surgery and the typical housing problems middle America facing with labor and material shortages etc. But I would definitely be for that. It’s sad really cuz all the piano teachers I know in my area have retired, passed away etc. I would like some I’m person lessons, but it would be awesome to get some online ones as well, once he knows the keys, I’m sure it would be easier for him to learn the techniques and stuff online since that’s how he learns most stuff, God knows they don’t learn anything in school!

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I forgot to mention to, I have to get it tuned. My husband wanted to throw it out, I told him absolutely no. It’s atleast 60 years old.

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You mentioned the need for tuning in your first post. There’s no rush, I’ll be here. If you were present for the lesson and you could help me out, I could probably start him fresh online. Anyway. I hope things get settle down for you.

Thanks for showing interest!

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