‘Naïve’ to think Russia will lose war, says Dr Jordan Peterson


Ooohh…vilify this heretic of the official narratives. Surprised he was given the time and space to speak so frankly. Wonder why?
Morgan’s intro as “the world’s most famous psychologist”? Don’t forget Dr. Peterson was in Russia to wean himself off of drugs prescribed to him by western physicians. It’s tough to be branded the king of political incorrectness and hate speech while carrying a PhD in psychology. How does one shut up and discredit a guy like that when he challenges the official narrative? Drugs might…

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Long before the drugs, Peterson named his daughter after Mikhale Gorbachev.

I don’t trust him one bit, getting sick of these two faced “alternative thinkers” to me they are backstabbers. There is nothing good about Russia, China, BRICS for the majority of people it’s just one nasty elite replacing another.



and the fairy tales of 20 dwarves…

Years ago, Milo Yanopulous, on his YouTube channel (cancelled by now of course) in the conversation with dr. Peterson, blatantly accused him of working for CIA, or rather being invented/promoted by Langley boys. Peterson presented Milo with a smirk and has never denied that. Since that interview, JP psychologist de jour sits high on my radar.

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Not surprised, and now you have the useful idiots on the other side being paid by China or Russia or some other evil elite like The Duran or even Tom Luongo who recently slagged off Catherine Fitts. It’s difficult for us because we eventually see through them and then feel stupid for being so gullible. The Duran really annoyed me when they started praising Russia constantly one of them even said he was learning Russian and when I posted that Russian commercial they both publicly commented on it. There was the give away.


Luongo slagged off CAF? hahaha. he never even talks about the possibility of hidden/missing finance. that was a giveaway to me. always counting by ‘official’ frames.

more likely CSIS then CIA i think. but one has to tell that the guy is quite sharp.

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I have not verified any of this.

Russia is mobilising an additional 300,000 troops. They have a possible draft of 25 million upon which to draw…not to mention its updated nuclear arsenal. One hopes that cooler, controlling minds, muzzle back Stoltenberg, who is a bureaucrat/technocrat. However, my heart and prayers go out to the Ukrainians and what they are about to face because of him and others like him. We are near the end of Shemitah…and its not feeling like a good one.


i sifted through the video. it is a well-badly put together piece of insinuation and criminalization by association. speech-pieces taken out of context and cut together to seem like something with a nice whitey ‘rightwinged’ monoton narrator. hit-piece would be. nothing special. clearly created for people who r not able to understand complex thoughts and problems.
IMHO, and since Doc does not like abbreviations: In My Hun-ble Opinion. :wink:

@kalamona Thanks for your input.

u r dearly welcome. :gem:

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Again (& again), I offer these videos for your consideration, one way or the other in order to start a conversation. I do not offer proof of ones thinking.

On a personal note, I would not want to live in Russia again; been there, done that.

@MarkSean The one true statement in the video is that Ukraine will end up a wasteland if Russia decides to go for it. I think the entire situation is sad and sick to the core.


:broken_heart: always the ordinary folks pick up the tab.

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Interesting how Piers deflected the issue of establishing a totalitarian state based on lies and fear. What does the media do 24 hours a day and what happens to those who question or oppose the narratives whether in Russia or here in the USSA?
So JP made millions being an influencer and internet wonder out of nowhere, many have been paid much more to manipulate the perception of the worldview. Plenty others are on the payroll

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And those poor girls and boys named Hilary after Mrs. Clinton…