Narrative #62 - Catherine Austin Fitts

OVALmedia: Narrative #62 - Catherine Austin Fitts
Mafia der Mächtigen

The interview with CAF is conducted in English. Most who follow her work will know what is covered in this interview, but I did find it a helpful refresher of the synapses. Perhaps others will have friends and family who will benefit from watching it.


Outstanding video!
Well done!
Every time I listen to Catherine; I understand more of what’s going on at a deeper level.
In that way, she is much like Dr. Farrell.


Thank you @Perelandra3! I forget so much–a refresher was definitely in order.

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Ovalmedia have revised the film here:

The interview is in English with subtitles in German.

And Ovalmedia have posted the English language interview with CAF without German subtitles:

Vice minister is an interesting translation.