Navy Patent for High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator "...capable of annihilating a planet..."

This patent—granted in 2019 to the Navy—is for a High-Frequency Gravitational Wave (HFGW) generator. It is comprised of (1) a gas-filled outer shell that is electrically charged and vibrated by microwaves (i.e., a vibrating plasma which creates an EM field), which encloses (2) two gas-filled cavities that are acoustically vibrated (i.e., a vibrating plasma which creates a second EM field). The interaction between the two EM fields (shell and cavities) generates fluctuating gravitational fields.

The interaction of vibrating and/or counter rotating plasmas is a common theme we’ve seen before. This interaction leads to mass reduction, among other effects.

Some interesting excerpts:

(1) “The implications of colliding/focusing HFGWs generated by rapidly accelerated vibration/spin of electrically charged systems can be used in applications of propulsion as well as the extreme disruption of a planetary body (if so desired)…”
(2) “Imagine a plurality of HFGWG devices (a minimum of four modules), aligned around a planetary body or planetoid (asteroid/comet) along a planar axis (four cardinal points.” … “…energy would be amplified to such a high degree as to generated a spacetime curvature singularity, leading to total destruction of the planetary body of planetoid…” [shades of phase conjugation]
(3) “It is a feature of the present invention to provide a high frequency gravitational wave generator that can be used for advanced propulsion, asteroid disruption and/or deflection, and communications through solid objects.”
(4) The gas filled shell could be doped with radioactive elements such as Cobalt-57 and Iron-57 to amplify the EM flux density. [shades of Tesla and the Nazi Bell]


Yes, and this was briefly covered in an interview of Dr. Joseph Farrell on January 30th, 2016. CERN Paperclip Nazis and the Cosmic Cartel by Dark Journalist.
CERN Dangers Revealed! Paperclip Nazis and the Cosmic Cartel

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