New Argentina Presidential Primary Leader: Libertarian, Loves Bitcoin & His Cloned Dogs

A libertarian, loves Bitcoin, cloned his dogs[4], wants to abolish the central bank, and legalize sale of human organs; is the front runner in the October general election.
On the plus side: skeptical of climate change, considers sex education and anti-family plot and wants to legalize firearm ownership.


Yeah, ok, RB …but can he dance?

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There’s some indications that he is an undercover Zionist and controlled opposition. Man I hope I’m wrong.


That’s what I’ve been reading o X today. He give me vibes of mentally unstable person, for whatever its worth. Possibly targeted individual.

Argentina’s New President Javier Milei Has an Interesting Backer –

Mentioned, that Wallenberg seems to have an interest in this…

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You will see their name popup more and more in all kinds of places.
Their time in the shadows is coming to a end.

Nice catch!

Its like a game of “where’s wally” :grinning:

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Of course he can…and he will.

I guess you are aware that apart from “Boys from Brazil” there are boys and girls from Argentina as well. Nazis and all that…you know…

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Wow, why am I not shocked, but does this mean he is one of their global leaders? Not that that matters, it feels like all the WEF’s ideas like publicising a group of leaders and creating catchy phrases are coming round to bite them on their behinds. Good.

Don’t know about the Wallenbergs but i see you do. Are they ardent Zionist Globalists? Assuming yes.

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Imo they are above any of the “factions” more like the common denominator so to speak.
In other words they fund and play all the sides.

But yes they have connections to high level zionists among with others.
Basicly the middlemen who always finds a way to profit while rarely getting heat.


I see a Swedish Rothchild.

A decent analogy for sure, similar modus operandi.
However one of these families have been able to stay anonymous alot better then the other.
But they def move in the same circles and can be connected through various events.

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I recently saw what Madonna looks like after her surgery … I pray for Argentina.

Here is another cover.

Here is a breakdown about 6 minutes in.