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Some of you may be familiar with Ben Davidson’s theory of a 12,000 year catastrophe cycle and earth flip where a recurrent solar micronova electromagnetically disconnects the earth’s crust from the mantle and the crust displaces so that the poles are then drawn to the equator by the mass of ice at the poles. Check out Suspicious 0berservers on YouTube for more information.

HOWEVER, I have since been directed to 3 articles by The Ethical Sceptic which paint another story and I highly recommend people study them. This describes an Earth flip of 104 degrees from a recurrent Dzhanibekov Oscillation and theorises the “air shafts” leading from the King’s and Queen’s chambers of the Khufu pyramid, which are all aligned at exactly 104 degrees, are a warning to future generations of this recurrent event (Or used as an observatory to anticipate future flips). See all 3 articles here:

Master Exothermic Core-Mantle Decoupling - Dzhanibekov Oscillation Theory.

Both these theories should not be ignored and explain a lot of what is going on in the world including the vast amount of money that has been invested into underground bunkers. Also given the Middle East will likely fair the best out of many places on earth from the coming cataclysm it also explains the centuries long war to control this region. This ain’t about oil and gas or the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple…

This esoteric knowledge has been concealed for millennia by the elite and are we approaching the critical “Tau Tipping Point”.

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Thank you for posting. It has the ring, or rather gong of truth, missing in other theories.

I read the author’s bio after reading his theory. While I was still impressed by his conclusions regarding another great flood, I was not so taken with his pro active stance on gmo food and vaccines including mrna covid inoculations.

Understanding the Dzhanibekov Effect

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