New German Chancellor pushing for a Federal European State

Having just reread JPF’s Nazi International, and currently rereading The Third Way, this news is far from surprising. These German politicians do seem to be single minded in their efforts to control the whole of Europe lol! Poland, Hungary and even France may have other ideas.


Let him push! While some Germans, including the 4th Reich lot, may read this positively as code for continued German domination, other countries, and other international forces, will not be so enthusiastic.


It is almost the last moment for this kind of project. In couple of years when South of Europe will get poorer and will individually sign up economic relationship with China it may be too late. As dr. Farrell often say Mr. Globaloney is on a short time leash and panicking…


If you’re a member over at Forum Borealis, Al has recently released a two part interview with Dr. Farrell that dives into this topic. I’m only now beginning part 2, but it’s a great interview and highly recommend.

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