New interview here


good one Doc! thanx.
i am calling myself a ‘traditionalist’ since 20 some years as well. there is no way around anymore. even less friends. ;-D
God bless!

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As far as my PC is concerned, this one is getting buried. I clicked on it, TRIED to bookmark it, then went “back” to find it again, and it just ‘disappeared’. Hoping it won’t go away again.

Im gonna impress the Doc with my knowledge, even if it means me talking 75 % of the time :joy:

Love JBS, but Natal drives me crazy!

u r already crazy. do not blame others mylady.

a collague

p.s.: takes a mole, to know a mole

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I enjoyed the conversation, even if it goes over well trodden ground. It’s a timely interview on a topic that needs repeating, in my opinion. I hope Dr Farrell is invited widely to more shows to press the very relevant case on how it is that western politics has arrived at such a destination.


Coming from you, who is mad as a hatter, it’s a compliment.

it’s my pleasure to tell the truth. u r too harsh on people. have a good thyme or mentha tea. cools the nerves. i drink every night.
and the night is coming.

I have not said a thing unkind to you lately. Everyone has their squabbles; so what? Now, you seem to jump on me for no reason. I did not reply to you, yet you insult
You can always just stay away from me. Or are you driven by ego somehow?
Go play with someone else. Not interested here.

Does anyone know if this interview was conducted before Abe was assassinated? They give date of release, but not date recorded.