Originally published at: NEW OIL FIELD DISCOVERED... ON AN ASTEROID?

This intriguing story came from G.P., and I have to pass it along for all you “panspermia” and “Neoplatonism” fans out there. Japan, it seems, made some interesting discoveries about asteroids, namely, that they are not only mineral rich, but also “rich” in something else, something quite surprising (well, not really, to us panspermia and…


Oil is but an accumulation of civilizations piled on top of one another macerated and compacted pressurized heated voila trillions of past peoples and all their stuff go into our fuel tanks…or no……the core of this planet is responsible. It’s producing water and oil and we’re not sure of the mechanism. Hydrologic disaster like Noah’s could be a crack in a subterranean water vault so enormous and under so much pressure from a passing comets gravity, that it erupted like a volcano.
We’ll never know with certainty, like the transition zone I dwell in between quasi and quantum sized physics where their properties end and the other ones take over, how large is this zone? What physics apply in between where they come together? Do they overlap and fight for supremacy or is there a 3rd realm of physics in between these two? How many advanced evolutionary creatures could have come and gone here on earth during its life cycle to date ?? If one made it, and it’s odds were ten to the thirty seventh power = impossible, then the odds for two become 50/50, it’s certain im wrong, but then life coming from nothing in nowhere at no place in no time, came … odds are 50/50 I’m going to be again …an additional time, times, odds are at the mercy of time, if given enough though, odds are also limited by the number of known universes. More universes better odds, infinite universes and multiverses means enough time to overcome all odds…and all of this invented to prove there is no god !!! Lol lol lol atheist = multiverse = fraud quackademic