Originally published at: NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM AUGUST 11 2022

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 12:25 — 17.1MB)While most of us have been focused on the banana republic shenanigans of Swampington DC, you may not have noticed that the entire Japanese cabinet has resigned, and a major reshuffling of appointments is being done by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida… Japan’s government resigns…


85,000 new irs agents to attack republican voters!! What next? 85,000 new nsa agents to attack paranormal and ufo fans? The attempted degree of social engineering in this operation is staggering. Insufferable indefensible. Mr garland was really awful I mean unacceptably vague and one look at his lying face disingenuous fraud emotional lightweight loser. I always vote for Ron Paul, I’ll write it in. But I fear the level of the attack by democrats on a rival politician for unsubstantiated unsupported accusations is beyond insanity. Russiagate Ukraine call archives it’s getting more petty each time smaller more disparate and revealing. There was never an iota of truth to the trump narrative, watching him he self destructs at will every chance, why go after someone as insignificant and temporary? It’s rather odd really the overfascination with the orange chump but it screams “personal” abuse of power corrupted law enforcement doj with zero credibility and it’s not as though joe is capable of a train of thought, just keeping him from wandering in front of a train takes alot of effort, no it’s from folks above joe, someone over dumbombo, mr patriot act just keeps popping outta that clown car. If we’re at war with aliens, why not admit it? Are you really gonna arrest all us ufo knowers? Good grief you must have a 1,000,000 people fema camp here! Oh wait this is planet prison they’ll shelter us in place lol lol lol right? Looks like they were looking for nuclear papers! In trumps wife’s underwear drawer lol lol lol they were seen leaving with her shampoo and her cream rinse supplies!!!
Old joes present lol lol he’ll be vaping the fumes lol lol lol of prell bryllcream and herbal essence for daze

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