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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 15:12 — 20.9MB)So… Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan…, but what was it really all about? Joseph has a few geopolitical high octane speculations:    


Dr., some excellent points.
A concern that my friends across Our Country are reporting is they’re getting mail-in ballots and today, Biden declared monkey pox a public health emergency in The U.S. Could this mean another shutdown, IF, things don’t go well in Asia & re-election of Dems. to Houses via mail-in cheating (again)?

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face mask photo op for continued S&M ritual. that’s it.

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enjoy and learn?!

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interesting points Joseph. but China is right now quarantining Taiwan, and stopped the sand export which lead to a few problems immediately. like no more SMCs in the near future at all. thats a good cut, like telling the USA to withdraw all nuclear heads from Europe.
still, if the CCP still defines itself as a communist entity, it is doomed to fail.
on the other end: do u believe that China does not surveil all the talks between the mainland and the island? that would be wishful thinking.
what we have is a 4-5 days of military op, and a possible let’s go, when they got tired of it.

I don’t watch music videos.

Do you really believe that I think they don’t surveil calls? And more importantly, have you forgotten the defection of the head of Chinese counter-intelligence and the deep implications that might have for operations like that?


I haven’t got my China Joe ballot yet.
Might be due to a paper shortage in China.


oh! yep.
i forgot the not-so-long-ago defector. my bad. i really could not wrap my head around that story at that time. seemed just totally unbelievable he could slip out the clutches unharmed. he defected for the DNI if memory is coming back rightly?
thanx for the reminder!

my problem is that i do not really see what the Taiwanese want, with their history and their slippy taoist-buddhist background. on the other hand, i think that communism, in whatever form, - since China is not really one right now?, - will destroy just more and more. i mean its destroying the USSA right now…
and Taiwan is there to show another option to the mainlanders.

We have been all expecting Gavrilo Princip moment. Luckily it didn’t happen…yet :santa:

For Dr. JPF comment, if he wishes.

Some insights from Joel Skousen

I’ve been off grid for the past few days so admittedly, I haven’t listened yet.

As far as a maritime invasion goes, that’s a VERY tall order for China. Hell, it’s a tall order for anyone, US included. Something about all this seems like smoke and mirrors to me, like a deal has already been struck. The way the White House folded and changed their tone regarding a “free” and “independent” Taiwan sends a pretty clear message, IMO. I just can’t put my finger on it.


I agree. I tend to think as Dr. says, Pelosi was sent to broker a deal. Are the missiles for show, or is it a dud deal? IDK.

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