Originally published at: NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM FEB 16 2023

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 23:46 — 32.6MB)Seymour Hersch just gave an interview to the Berliner Zeitung two days ago, and it’s a bombshell not only for what it says, but for what it’s not saying: Seymour Hersh im Interview: Joe Biden sprengte Nord Stream, weil er Deutschland nicht traute  


Could the Ohio train event be retribution? Are the other hazard “accidents” reported on the forum real? And, could all these events be retribution for Nord Stream???

We are in a war and have been for some time.

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@JFYates Who do you trust and who is the enemy with in. It’s like a crap shoot🫤

In the video of the Biden/Sholtz presser when Biden makes his assurances, Sholtz looks extremely uncomfortable (almost sick) when asked if he agrees with Biden. In Hersh’s original article, he relates that a change to the security level of the project allowed it to NOT have to be reported to Congress, this “technicality” pointed out by CIA. I believe this had to do after the decision to remotely detonate. It is explained in his original article. It is gratifying to know that even though AFTER THE FACT, individuals were uncomfortable enough with the MORALITY of its consequences to whistleblow. It is my belief that the Dark Forces Biden is a part of, that small group of bloodlines who abrogate all human ethics and morality in order to control the world using commerce/money, is committed to literally destroying as much of the world and it’s people as possible, i.e., to achieve Schwab’s points of BBB and the overt stated UN agendas of 21&30. I have been listening to Jessie Czebotar a whistleblower for about 2 1/2 years. The depth of the depravity is way past any most people would believe especially that it could be kept secret operating in plain sight. That the people engaging in it are respected and revered. Offering excuses of “not deep thinkers” to those who have been chosen and groomed from childhood to be placed in positions of power to accomplish the greater agenda is difficult to accept. I think there are many individuals contributing to the disaster who are literally Good Soldiers. I believe most WWII German soldiers fell into that category. It is too bad so many have been programmed AGAIN to support the evil agenda of these SAME PEOPLE.

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Possibly as retribution for whistleblowing. However, it seems to “fit” into the cutting off of food and independent resources for essentials of independent populations just too well. Whether it was planned or not, the absolute crime was to burn those chemicals. That the Ohio Medical Commissar was brought out in his white coat to lecture, IMHO sounding like he was instructing slow children, indicate collusion at the top to me anyway. Why has the Mayor of East Palestine NOT been less “understanding” of literally NO USG HELP in any way? Maybe bought off and threatened.

At this stage, I’m certainly very suspicious of any “accidents” in this country, and any “food shortages” and so on.