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Is everything ok with the US military? That’s the background question to a little story shared by G.B.: Metallurgist Admits…

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I think the UK Daily Telegraph article was mostly inaccurate with reporting on what happened at MWX. There was a contingent of Royal Commandos, Marine Special Operations and the Infantry battalion 2/5 all under 7th Marines command… 3rd Marines did not do too well but nothing was a surprise and some units do fail their unit readiness exercises. Thats why we hold these. Just thought Id chime in as a Marine… =) It was not us verse them scenario from my understanding.

Also, no doubt we are facing a complex culture change in the military that will most likely hurt our war fighting abilities. As I see things we are not at the point yet were we are finished as a military. There are still many red blooded, constitution believing, God fearing Americans in our armed forces doing what they can to uphold our culture and beliefs. Don’t give up on us yet.

God Bless.

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I certainly hope so Narwhal… I have several friends, older ones, who are veterans, and they’re not optimistic…

While watching News And Views, I couldn’t help recalling how Gaslighter-in-Chief preached for four years about the US Military being the best in the world.
We are on our own.