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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 15:22 — 21.1MB)Something very weird is going on in the bond markets, and Joseph thinks it may suggest powerful non-state actors: Cyber ‘Catastrophe Bonds’ Gain Traction Among Investors As Hack Attacks Soar Cyberattack hits China’s largest bank disrupting US treasury trades


Ding Ding Ding as you always say! Although the post below handles only shipping, it tells a story.
I suspect Xi’s visit here was about more than Fentanyl & Taiwan.

Australian Ports Hit By Cyberattack | DP World Australia | Cybersecurity


I have seen some thoughts online talking about the powers that be might use the introducing of the digital money, wallets, ID’s, to “fix” some of the numbers in the books.
And I thought it was peculiar to see Christine Lagarde’s call for nations to roll out the digital age followed up by this warning; that the internet might disappear for a couple of weeks or a month.

Lagarde opened the “European Systemic Risk Board” today, and in her opening speech she addressed how “macroprudential policies” will best tackle the challenges of the economy in the near future.
A more holistic economy i would assume, like a glove for a more global economy as well, surely.


Oh, looks like they can’t wait for z solar flairs to take care of all the debt that is sloshing around the world. Couple of days without an internet, and the big sigh of relief on the part of cabal. Go physical with anything you have. Ride of the lifetime ahead of us.


Analog way?Like SW,LW,MW, radio sets?Or UHF,and VHF black and white TV sets?Or purely mechanical gramophones?Or even better full radio aparatus working only with energy of one candle?Yes such device exists.And yes I had seen it with my own eyes. And it works like any other electric radio. I will never forget that experience. And of course if properly made, it works.It has nothing to do with transforming photonic energy(solar pannels) into electricity.No.It works on transforming infrared electromagnetic energy(warmth) directly into electricity.

British/Zionist Israel is a cybersecurity and cyber-technological juggernaut. Do not underestimate the ability of the Israel’s along with the blessing of the European banking syndicates blessing, to carry out the direct attack on the US financial infrastructure, led by FED chair Jerome Powell. Such an attack is plausibly related to the crash of the euro-dollar at the hands of increasing interest rates by Powell, to the detriment of the aformentioned ZIonist set.

The circulation of false narratives such as the dollar collapse and World War III is aimed at demoralizing and causing fear among the population. These tactics are employed by the WEF communists in an attempt to manipulate the masses. The US banking cliques are in conflict with the WEF-Davos group, which has played a role in establishing the Zionist state. Professor Carrol Quigley describes Israel as an Anglo outpost. In this global PR war, both the communist WEF and Israel are losing ground.


So the EU and US are rivaling over obtaining the superior position in trade with China? A cyber show of force?

Would not be a first here to be without internet for multiple days or a couple of weeks. Nice, fat hurricane does it in these trees where I live. Because of this, anyone who knows anything has enough of everything on hand. Can’t do it over the very long haul (many months or years) but all people can do is what they can do.

I don’t think a dollar collapse and another WW is off the table at all.
There’s no length these people won’t go to to implement their NWO.
It’s just a question of how much chaos is needed to get the completion through.
Also; a thriving dollar economy makes it harder to make a case for the digital money, and I think there’s no question that is a thing for the coming months/years.


This is precisely what the EU/Davos/Israel set wants via unlimited war spending. The strategy is to impale what remains of the US on China and/or Russia and/or Islam for the benefit of Greater Israel (which includes the New Khazaria/Heavenly Jerusalem project in The Ukraine). This amounts to the re-establishment of an enormous technological parasitic Zionist entity (Cyber Zion) within the New Silk Road, Eurasian trade empire that is being constructed by the BRICS. If the US is destroyed, and China/Russia are weakened enough, then the Eurozone with its Israeli pet, is left standing.

And, no. I’m not blaming ‘the jews’ or being anti-semitic. Anglo-Zionism is a Judaic-Gentile set emanating out of the City of London, DC, and Tel-Aviv. In fact, people of Jewish ethnicity had virtually nothing to do with the creation of political Zionism, it was a conspiracy among British, German, and assorted European Fascist Internationalists.

I should also mention much of what Chung and Ehret compose can be found in detail in Dr Farrell’s Nazi International, albeit from a different angle.


Another financial fraud this time via internet crash is shaping out. First, FDR devalued gold by half and removed from circulation. Then Nixon closed gold window. Now balance sheets are going to be made whole, but only for big boys. China, Europe, and any big holder of US securities will lose, by intent.

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