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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:43 — 18.8MB)The UK Daily Mail in an arctile shared by N., is reporting on a possible assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin during an attack on his motorcade presumably on Sept 14, 2022 Putin’s limousine is ‘hit by loud bang’ in possible ‘attack’ – but…


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And as for the alleged assassination attempt on Mr. Putin, and as for Mr. Zelensky and other world leaders, in my humble opinion the following applies to them:

And as for the “cowboys”, NATO and similar organizations in the past as well as now, the following applies to them in my humble opinion:


interesting a ‘guy’ you are.
we have a saying in Hungary, let me share it hereby:

“the nail wriggles out of the sack.”

everybody may observe the meaning. some may understand. its for free. just today.



I’ll believe the scenario in the article before I’ll believe most others presented. Here’s another possibility & it reminds me so much of Saddam Hussein. Like Hussein, Putin is was probably working with globalists (& still might be), until, like Hussein, they overstepped the deal & like Hussein, Putin rebelled & decided not to go along. I think it’s possible the oligarchs changed their minds along with Putin and now they’re all up for grabs, just like Hussein. You take out all the support first to get to the big target (Putin). I’m not saying Putin isn’t capable of all these murders; he certainly is, but this is the opposite avenue worth exploring.

In either case, I do firmly believe Putin was onboard with the globalist agenda. His close, private talks with DJT is enough for me to be highly suspicious of this. IMO, there’s no doubt that DJT is a globalist. Whether or not all this FBI action is because DJT also backed out on the deal, or, whether it’s one big show remains to be seen.


Yes just look at what is happening in Russia all the globalist agenda is being played out and may add with little resistance. Too me both Russia and China are implementing the Great Reset agenda with more success than the West so why would the West want him out? Because he wants to be the boss or at least the boss of Russia and won’t play second fiddle to Schwab and SWampington. The factions within factions looking after themselves are playing the game too so who knows who is behind this move?


The super reliable UK press at work again! Putin is probably already dead…

Thanks for sharing the saying.
Out of gratitude if I can reciprocate by sharing a proverb from my country?
Here it is:
“Birds are recognized by singing and people by speaking!”
Small touch of wisdom .Also for free.

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