NLP programming used at UFO Conference

My husband and I attended the StarworksUSA conference in Laughlin, NV, last weekend, as our friend and organizer (Paola Harris) was hosting the final conference.

One of the speakers that presented was Jaime Maussan from Mexico. His entire 90 minute presentation was NLP programming, which included trance music, three photos (from different perspectives) of the same image, and him repeating the same phrase three times. Jaime shared that he is working closely with the US Government on their “communication” efforts to alien species…and the “worldwide sightings” footage that we saw was poorly manufactured video clips that were obviously fake. He also included graphics at the bottom that said “WARNING” to further increase the fear message.

I stood up and walked out after 15 minutes and my husband was close behind.

Interesting note: Those in the crowd that were “therapeutically treated” were in awe…watching with their mouths open, and were astounded and amazed by the show. The few that were “organically intact” were not fooled for a minute - and knew exactly what this was. They also left the room, and said that it made them feel sick in their solar plexus.

The presentation felt like the military industrial complex was “test driving” their final “Alien Invasion” card to scare everyone into the One World Order. So, know that they are honing their drivel for the mass media and we can expect to see it when they need to crash the financial system.

It was so strange to be in a room full of people who have such different maps of reality! The “organically intact” people were very conscious and loving towards all conference attendees…while the “therapeutically treated” people were lapping up the Kool-Aid for any topic that included Ukraine, Global Climate Change, etc., and were absolutely intolerant of anything that didn’t spew out of mainstream media. Now I know why we don’t spend much time in public! LOL



Thank you for taking the time to post this, as it’s truly great information! With regard to the differences between the “treated” & “organic”, I absolutely believe it. I can tell the difference in the grocery store, driving on the roads, etc. The interactions of the treated with other people is very different; irritable, anxious, impatient, nervous, impulsive & short-tempered. Might be neurological damage due to whatever programming their receiving. It’s very noticeable to the organic ones.

Can’t speak for forum members, but you and others have my sincerest thanks and gratitude for getting up and walking out!

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Strange, I posted a Meme about six hours ago “A matter of Time perhaps…Or at least still possible”… I think something is in the “air”, who knows, maybe their other psyops aren’t going as well as they’d like…and next up is…

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I guess that is why i keep “harping” on the idea that NASA is a total fraud, there has never been a single space anything that they have executed and if there are aliens, they are from the outreaches of Antarctica which IS the space we are not allowed to venture into. How much worse could any human form of alien be than the (fill in the blanks) who have created these lies to enslave the sheep. If you are an errant, I.E. NOT sheep, and I assume you are an errant or you wouldn’t be following Dr. Farrell, CAF, et al, then it is time to start coming together to save the vestiges of humanity.

Thanks for your post. It reminds us that more often than not, we need to stand up and WALK OUT.


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Most interesting!! I lived in Mexico for 15 years & know the Public Clout Jaime M. has!!! Doesn’t surprise me how they are using him!!!

… Hello TS. I mentioned during the chat of a recent Vidchat when the subject of Blue Chickens et al. was broached that I had attended the Roswell UFO Fest this past summer and reported a few observations. While I didn’t detect such a technique as you did, there was a quite evident “night and day” difference between this conference and several Roswell conferences that I previously attended. These “conferences” are now certainly one of the “new op” battlegrounds.


“Train the trainers conferences”


Hello! Yes, it appears that they are testing out their propaganda techniques on the UFO enthusiast crowds to see if we buy their BS. Those that were “jabbed” lapped it up like crazy. Those that were not, saw it for what it was. Night and day difference in perception.

My husband and I are both former MUFON field investigators with hundreds of cases under our belts, and we are VERY familiar with “organic” vs military craft, as well as “organic” galactic contact vs military ops.

The UFO conferences are dying out…as there is so much material available on TV and YouTube. I agree with you that it is really NOT the same any longer.

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Propaganda testing, for sure. They are trying to figure out what will work and what needs to be refined. It seems like they are testing to see what will fly with those who are “jabbed” and how much work they need to fool those who have discernment, training, and are spiritually centered. It was very disturbing to see…but I would rather know now and be prepared for what will be unfurled in the future.

Yes, it is really sad to see. We saw a presentation of his 4 years ago and it was really good. There was none of the mind control in his presentation then…just great field research with photos and cases that he and others he worked with had discovered. He was very respected.

I have no problem in thinking the more healthy you are in body and mind the more resillient to unhealthy things you can be. At my age I am treated with “mystery” products just not the latest jabberwooky.

As CAF often warns, entrainment militairy grade works, and not just that, it works on everybody! Personally, I refrain in trying to classify people as some sort of buffer against folly.

… in this case I have to respectfully disagree with CAF. There are methods of training in reasoning and resulting habits of thought that serve as buffers to the “hacking and hijacking” of thought processes. See the work of Stephen M. Kosslyn, Francis A. Yates, Charles S. Peirce, and an Interesting work by Alexander Jamieson titled A Grammar of Logic and Intellectual Philosophy (1819).

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For those willing and able to read and understand free access…

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That would depend on you noticing and that I believe does differ from person to person, so yes in that regard you are not defenceless.

Would the key be “conscious awareness”?
There seems to be many ways of making a mind unconscious, be aware of them.

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… Thanks Bill for posting the link to the Jamieson title. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome. Thank you for bringing to our attention. The writing style is right up my alley. I appreciate books written in that era I suppose because the ideas expressed convey erudition most authors lack today.

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