... no injection, no access to The Vatican ... humorous response from Amy Tarkanian

… Visitors, tourists and employees who want to enter Vatican territory will be required beginning Oct. 1 to show proof of vaccination, recovery from the coronavirus or a negative Covid-19 test. - from America Magazine (online)

… response from Amy Tarkanian via Tweet:
Pope Francis just closed the doors to the Vatican for those without the vaccine passport.
I remember in the Bible when Jesus turned away the people who didn’t have a leprosy vaccine…
Oh wait.


yeah, for sure
he told the guy to die in an ICU
oh wait…
another timeline

Won’t that cut tourism revenue? Well, no matter… the pontifex probably cut a deal with Klaus for a new carbon tithe, to be administered by the Holy See.

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do not forget the cybele stone they have in the basement
no more facebook i believe

The Vatican? Avoid it like the plague, as the saying aptly goes.