NOW I get it! ( Me, me, me, me, me, me, me!)

Free speech vs. SomeOne’s Rockets:

“Fintwit Stock Pitch Challenge”:
" @zerohedge It’s all falling into place…" / Twitter

Yeah, you might want to actually read, and cogitate on, this. This is tendentious, in the extreme , to Elon( the musky) being/becoming, not only, the King of Mars, but the King of the Earth — and what, exactly, and by definition solely, does that then now make him??
Well, the Pharaoh of all he surveys, of course, Pharaoh of Earth and Sky. …

Can anyone say Stargate SG-1 ?

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Any way you could pass on the jist to non-twitters? I think I know but this is the first time twitter is demanding a log in or sign up. That’s not in the cards for me at this late stage of the game.

Never mind, went to zerohedge.

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