Now iDNA quaccines because mRNA not as effective as originally hoped for

Probably ready for october 2024 :thinking: what could possibly go wrong


Indeed! Let’s keep vigilant!

Gee, just what the world needs – another open-air experiment on the human population, with enough potential “collateral” damage to make a Baal G. smile.

iDNA “vaccines” transcribe the full-length genomic RNA of the live-attenuated vaccine virus. The full-length viral RNA then initiates replication of live attenuated virus in the tissues of the vaccine recipient, resulting in an immune response

That has to be one of the most frightening things I’ve ever read . . . So people are going to line up to get injected with DNA that will cause the body to produce who-knows-what (for nobody-knows-how-long), which will end up who-knows-where in the body and do who-knows-what. And that’s just the official story! For all we know, what’s actually in the injections could end up being even worse.

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Aaaaand that will be another nope!!

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