NYT front pages

Let’s see, rule number one: demonize a name to create identity, then try to convince others you don’t do that yourself.


That’s right, this “news” is so one sided that by divine intervention or some other means none of these god-forsaken papers made it to my island today! If we were going to have a vote, I would definitely vote that these papers are outlawed from being printed ever again.

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Picture is worth a thousand words…this is camaraderie?

I don’t know . . . , but sure seems like life would be a lot more difficult without having any legs.

I’d think comrades would not allow another comrade to blow legs off another comrade.
Another mangling of the language.


Right I agree true camaraderie would mean countries wouldn’t be at war with eachother.

Fast turning into the funny papers.

The solution to declining interest in being in law enforcement and cutting budgets, give everyone a gun and let them take care of crime themselves.