Ode to a Cosmic Warthread

I was aware, one year ago( as I wrote then), that this New forum for a while would be like the wild west, a cowpunching pioneering experience( androids, outlaws and all), yet I believe that it may be time to settle the “land”, and move on from the dime novels.
Thusly, it would seem that this( discussion-) Forum is constantly being overrun by “new” Threads( “Topics”), of which many could easily be consolidated. For example, a thread on Israeli news, a thread on Martin Armstrong, a thread on American trade agreements, a thread on CAF( Catherine Austin-Fitts) interviews, &c. Not doing so only tends to make of the Forum more difficult to have an overview. This, to a newcomer, or one unused to such fora, would be regarded as Spam, and very offputting, not to mention hard with which to keep up( as Dr. Farrell @vardas3 has indeed noted).
And also, the practice of posting of merely a link, such as a video, without any accompanying text as to why this potentially dangerous link needs to be clicked on, and in what context( thread) it is posted, is concerning. There are very many new threads( “topics”) being posted which have generated no discussion at all, far too many.
If one does not have a point one is willing to make, and prepared for said( view-) point to be discussed, then perhaps one should be a tad reticent to throwing spagheroni against the wall( Forum) solely to see if one can get a reaction( “dopamine hit” in modern parlance, although the dopamine theory pertaining to this has been disproven).
There is also the fact that this, after all, is the GizaDeathStar Forum, and it might behoove one to at least consider whether what one posts even belongs here. There are other topic-specific fora, and also dissocial media.
Surely the very idea of a thread is to have a conversation, a communication; that’s how we learn, by playing amongst ourselves, not from watching a random vid.
The quoting of extremely long articles in full, rather than including a link in one’s post[ : to be understood as a personal formulation of language in one’s own words, preferably not coarse, and definetely not rude], does perhaps not add to the potential richness of understanding and common ground.
And, as @Margaret-W has pointed out a few times, this is not Twitter. Nor is it Meta. Rules are there to enhance the user experience, and of course one can bend the rules when one has “mastered” them.
Finally, perhaps one could endeavour to employ language to the fullest extent of its capability, and composition; Who knows? – this Forum might end up being a pleasant, perhaps even delightful, place to Be.
The intention to make, or even force, this glôbe to be a better place will most likely backfire; and who’s to say what exactly “better” is?? One could rightfully argue that, as a Settler of this wild wild west Forum, it is mete now to plant and grow gardens. This world of Ours could certainly use more Beauty, and that, at least, we know what is.

Maybe, just maybe, we all should make an effort in these regards?

Just a thought, on a rainy day, dreaming of the walrus and the Carpenter…

Really Not Pollyanna, but something is wrong


As a social media dropout, I came to this forum because Dr. Farrell’s platform presents as educated, evolved, open-minded, and above all, it projects a tone of civility - a breath of fresh air from the bickering, sniping platforms that I joined and left.

Much here is above my head, such as quantum physics and economics, so I limit my comments to what I know, and read what I don’t understand in the spirit of learning.

As an old “boomer”, my background has provided to me abundant, old-fashioned practicality and down-home common sense, albeit shamefully unfashionable by today’s standards. When appropriate, I’d like to share humble sensibilities, and will aim to do so in a positive, non-intimidating manner to those who don’t yet know, but are willing to learn.

I believe that like attracts like, and that growing pains are normal. Hopefully this group will continue to attract and expand the goodness that Dr. Farrell has created.


Hi WuWu,

Just a few thoughts, hopefully taken in the way it is meant, constructive.

The forum has moderators, they are the people deemed to be trusted to enforce the forum rules. Maybe more active forum moderators are required.

The forum has 662 users but maybe only 15 - 20 people post in a 24hr period. I do somewhat agree with your comments on the types of post BUT if these posts were deleted it would mean next to no new content in the forum.

Not all of the content is of interest to everybody and you have no idea until you post how well received it will be.

I read every post, mainly because somebody took the time and effort to put it togeather and post it, I think as the forum matures it will get better and better!


Erhh, Az., deletion was not even on the menu. Chill. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Whither the Forum?

Have I written any thing useful here? Is this worthwhile pursuing at all??

  • Yea
  • Nay

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Hi, I am new here and before I post something I search for a post sillier to my subject I want to post. If there is already a post here then I will add to that feed with my post, if not, then I will start a post. I did read the newbie section but if I am doing anything wrong please let me know.

I usually read every post as well and If I feel not interested then I just skip to the next one.

I really like it hear.


It seems to be a worthwhile pursuit.

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Well posts can be deleted and users accounts can be terminated, right?

Yes, they may be, however, I was writing this in the spirit of conciliation and betterment, not looking to simply delete posts or topics, or accounts.

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That is the better option generally.

The main times I see conflicts escalate is when there is no response to what people are saying, when message boards become “echo-chambers” that is typically when it seems like people start shouting louder when it seems like no one is listening.

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I fast peruse the forum daily in the hope to see something interesting. But really, it is mostly banter I have no interest in. The people that contributed interesting things are simply gone and frankly I can’t blame them.
Anyway you slice and dice it this forum isn’t what it used to be.

I hope when Joseph resumes his talks a few of the old folk return as well.
At least the current forum people seem to amuse themselves.


The old origial forum started after guygrr suggested years ago was standard and ideal. It had topics like other forums have and kept everyone’s posts. Apparently Daniel didn’t think so so we are left with this. We also have lost a large amount of posters from the 2016-2018 period, too bad.

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The forum only dies or becomes banal if we allow it.

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