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Way back in 2007, I began my book The Cosmic War with a made-up scenario of various leaders of the world’s space powers convening secret meetings in the bunkers intended to enable them to ride out and survive “any Apocalypse”. In that make-believe scenario, the world’s space powers’ leaders were conferring and consulting with their “experts”…


Which makes one wonder about all the news, regardless of who’s reporting, including events such as poultry facilities burned, etc. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but I’ve been searching for 1st, and even 2nd hand accounts, and can’t find any. And how about that Apophis?

I don’t like this mans answers as much as I like his questions. Start min. 7:00.

Are we ready to face an asteroid that could hit Earth in 14 years? NASA sees work to do.?

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Oh, and lookee, lookee, who showed up on PBD podcast today: dr. Greer himself. About in the middle of the podcast he’s mentioned casually, that gov had already ability to organize a fake alien invasion in 1970ties.
Looks like a from now on, until election new psych-op prep in a full swing is upon us.

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Someone should give Mr. Greer R. Temple’s book so he can update his gig for keeping relevance.


“Planetary Defense Interagency Tabletop Exercise, wherein NASA, the U.S. government and international representatives attempted to plan for an asteroid that had a 72% chance of hitting Earth in 14 years’ time.”

I agree with the theory of the use of drills as a cover story. But I see it differently.

When I imagine a tabletop exercise evaluating the odds of an asteroid hit My mind lands on the scene in moneyball where a table of baseball recruiters are s introduced to achieving an objective through statistical analysis.

This is a movie I rewatch. Because in hindsight it is a precursor to the AI predictive analytics enticement.

“Note that the central feature in all of these hypotheticals was the use of drills that mimicked the real event to cloak the real event itself, and to sew confusion and delay accurate responses.”

Charming for its time but the technique shows how a narrative could be created by seeking a common denominator of belief with the likelihood of achieving an objective. I wonder if Predictive analytics is used in the formation of a psy-op to sew confusion as is pointed out but also confuse so that an average viewer doesn’t ask too many questions. It seems that in exploiting the AI there is a run on possible options and then a selection is made which inverts the truth but somehow seems believable.

No offense to moneyball it just comes to mind as a AI precursor.

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Continuing narrative.
Are we ready to face an asteroid that could hit Earth in 14 years? NASA sees work to do.?

According to Al Bielek’s video bio which he made in 2000, in 1999 the Air Force moved into Montauk because one was coming toward us & it kept changing direction. :flushed: One they had destroyed it, they left! I keep wondering when can we start talking about how things really ARE & have the circus shut down?!