Oh, Canada...we stood on guard for thee

Hi Doc, Shiloh et al,

The corrupt government of Maddog Trudeau the Younger is disarming Canada. He’s taking away the hunting rifles to prevent gang crime. Yup. The details continue to be bizarre and laughable beyond measure. We in this great nation are not governed by the best of us. Which seems to be a common ailment.
Once the disarmament program was announced four provinces opted out. Oh forgot to add this is an OIC or Order in Council, the equivalent to an Executive Order. The RCMP are not in a hurry to take away the firearms of Albertan farmers, Alberta is our equivalent to Texas only bigger. So, the Minister in charge of this debacle decided to go to PEI. Prince Edward Island. There are about 6,400 firearm owners in that province.
The fireworks will start shortly up here. There are rumours of a springtime election. Once Freeland comes back from the WEF with her orders. Did you know they made up a second position for her? Yeah, just like a certain vegetarian, war hero, dog lover, and landscape painter we know about.
There is talk of an amnesty until October but who knows.
My question is; what’s a really good state to migrate to in America? My nation is done, stick a fork in it. Either that or tell the Marines we have oil but need democracy.



That’s a good question, probably Alaska or Hawaii I would try one of those states first.