On Time Wars( & altering timelines!)

This article was originally posted to the Old Forum by Diogenes of Babylon, but had “been” deleted. I have found it of sufficient interest to ( re-)post it here. It resonates, for example, with Tood Wood’s( /W. Bosley’s) book on I. Lockwood and( Baron) Trump:

How to avoid the time wars. A playfully serious guide to surviving… | by Julia Mossbridge, PhD | Medium How to avoid the time wars. A playfully serious guide to surviving… | by Julia Mossbridge, PhD | Medium


For another take on Time Wars, J.R. Jorjani has written a new( 2021) book, with a breathtaking hypothesis. Experiments with field-effects flying craft could inadvertently have led to time travel( to the dawn of Creation, and on Mars), and dreams of world domination – in the 1950’s, perhaps.

Closer Encounters : Jorjani, Jason Reza: Amazon.com.au: Books https://www.amazon.com.au/Closer-Encounters-Jason-Reza-Jorjani/dp/1914208390

“Closer Encounters” interview from Æon Byte:

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An interesting approach to( “detecting”, as in measuring, which may be codespeak for engineering) Time Dilation using an Anti-Neutrino reactor. Noted by Dr. Steed as an “Extremely high-risk” experiment. Hmmm… why is it High risk in the extreme, and why are they then performing it at all? What are they really doing, down there in Oz?? And on what scale – at least planetary( Kardashev I)?
No further news since this announcement.

Neutrinos, atomic clocks and an experiment to detect a time dilation | ANSTO https://www.ansto.gov.au/news/neutrinos-atomic-clocks-and-an-experiment-to-detect-a-time-dilation


Quite another perspective on this subject is given by the researcher Goro Adachi, author of the book “The Time Rivers” from 2003. Ancient Egypt and Sumer are here woven together with the angels and the Annunaki( “available” on Amazon).
Goro continues research as well as blogging, to this day.

The Time Rivers The Time Rivers

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And for those who are still interested, there actually might be wars in time ongoing. Are we about to be, or already in, a very strange timeloop?

Time Wars 2022 - Super Torch Ritual Time Wars 2022 - Super Torch Ritual

Might be worth considering, or at least briefly entertaining the thought…

There are also the indeed very interesting, or as Mr. Spock would say, “fascinating…”, speculations of the author Sesh Herî in his fiction trilogy( of actually only three books for once!):

Available on www.lulu.com/

But time travel is not possible according to the Vulcan Science Directorate! :thinking: :smirk:

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Many a sci-fi novels has time wars going on.
In Ten Low by Stark Holborn - June 8, 2021 it really gets “fascinating” as different tribes; controlling different timelines[established mafia timeline territories] are controlling fates[commercially], and much, much more. It is quite intriguing, as the layers of multiple timelines are peeled away; to reveal their purposes, and consequences.

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@WuWu posted article reminds me of cycles, from JPF’s Babylon’s Banksters

It’s cycles until someone does it artificially

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Well this first episode of the Star Trek Enterprise series encapsulates both time travel, i.e. partial time travel, the Temporal Cold War, and those who are for the benefits of sophisticated genetic engineering obtained from the future, as well as those who are against such a Cabal organization in within their race as well as the political games of those factions of the future within the influence on other races in the galaxy far…far…away… :smirk:


Case in point:

Perhaps one ought to be more concerned about multidimensional influences.
What do YOU think?‽


Thanks for this. I had seen this earlier and filed it away for a later look see.
Tonight I was listening to the Vidchat and that Russian explosion was brought up.
I thought. What am I missing here?
The timeline.
Loved it!
Always get a rush when a thought comes out from left field I never would have imagined. Just started listening.
Thanks for putting this on my current timeline.

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Here is yet another possible avenue for effecting “changes”( good, bad or ugly) through Time:

Possibilities for actualization of thesis:

Photonic Crystal QCLs – Quantum Optoelectronics Group | ETH Zurich

Akin perhaps to what Dr. Farrell talks abot when recerencing crystal tech?