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My recent, unplanned, and unscheduled trip to the hospital with a heart attack left me with a few observations I’d…


hello doc

thanx for sharing. about your summary: welcome to the club.
last year on the 6th of october my leg broke during biking on wet concrete. it was the day I was to leave the country and go up into the eastern carpathians and spend the winter there in the woods. had everything planned neatly, bus-station-jeep-hideout.
so. i got into hospital. jabbed? same answer as yours, i added that i do not intend to as well! came the ‘look’. and i wasn’t wearing any mask. tested negative. twice. got me in bed for two days. in those 2 days i lost about 1,5 l blood into my left leg, and no cigarette… behold the suffering of the saints :wink:
then they cut it open, gave an outer fixateur with three holes in the shin and three in the femur. exoskeleton trip. got into wheelchair 2 days after, and doing spacexploration with nurses and patients. then waitin’ for 2 weeks for the next surgery gettin’ some titan inlay - cybernetics basics. it was pretty good then to tell the truth.
and then! a day before surgery, i tested postive. next day, on the birthday of my father, i was crowned by the visitation… …and they sent me home from the almost empty six-bed room. :rofl:

let that sink

all of them were jabbed, every worker, or got exemption in any way possible. and yet me, the unjabbed, was sent home. one size fits all, thats the protocol. so i endured, got the iron out a month ago. still healing. and i was not waiting for 4-8-12 months for an operation…

on the other side of the one size: most of us don’t get to see the utter tragedy unfolding in healthcare as the jabbed workers fall out and so. a friend of mine - jabbed, but got to his senses lately - works as an x-ray assistant in the same hospital i was, had 238 hours accounted last month! no workforce, no nurses, no doctors, ambulance-drivers getting heart-attacks. now the head physicians r getting covid after the third jab and adverse affects. society is crumbling. the knowledge of operating the everydays is dying out, it seems. sic transit gloria mundi

I was wondering about that. How they would respond you no getting the jab. And how doctors and nurses deal with it. For example giving less care. Doctors are kings in their own castle and have power over their patients. I am glad in your case they gave you treatment. But i do wonder about the doctors who do not give care. I have seen some vile remarks against unvaccinated from doctors on Twitter who work with patients.

I would like to share what happened in my family. Different from your case but it shows how much power doctors have. But this is The Netherlands and not the US. It happened in 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic.
An aunt (she was my mothers best friend when they grew up) she got very ill from covid. she could not breath and was brought to the hospital. It was in the beginning of the pandemic, there were no vaccines yet and a lot was unknown.
In the hospital they brought her to a room without family. Family was not allowed in the hospital. The doctor looked at her and said. I am not going to treat you. He said it that bold. And his reason was that she had to many comorbidities but in other words, she was to old. She was 80. She has been a diabetic from a very young age that was the only comorbidity she had. Other than that she was healthy she lives in a large house with her husband. They do everything themselves and they even have a large garden to maintain, they grow their own food.
My aunt had to beg the doctor for treatment. Beg many times. She said many times I do not want to die! Please help me!. While she was struggling to breath, in severe stress and nobody from the family with her.
The doctor left the room. 2 nurses left behind comforting her. She learned the names of the nurses and where they life.
When the doctor came back he asked her what are the names of the nurses and where do they life? She was able to tell him. And then she received care.
She recovered and is back home now. But she still has severe nightmares, Not from the panic of not being able to breath, not from the panic of attracting covid. But from the doctor who gave up on her and that she had to beg for treatment and care.
The entire familiy is shocked what happened.
I wonder how many eldery died who did not beg for care.
I tried to push my family to got to the newspaper and share the story but they are so private. I am still working on it. I want to know how often this happened but the frusterating part of it is that It happened with the patient and doctor and nobody with them to witness it.
I share this story to emphasize the importance of having someone with you at all times when going to the hospital. Someone to watch over and protect if need be.

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That is a horrendous situation your aunt had to endure, very scary for her. I’m glad to hear she recovered and is home.

And what i do not understand. I think my entire family is under some kind of spell. They all got the jab (i am the only one who did not get it) some have got the boosters. There is still an almost blind trust in the medical care system. I do not know how they dealing with their cognitive dissonance. This happened to one of the members in the family and i am sure my aunt is not the only one who had to fight for her life.


My family is the same as yours, I am the only one unvaccinated. I would like to see some respect for personnel choice from the medical profession.

May be “they” didn’t want you to infect the jabbed with some sanity. (Get him out of here ASAP)

The last 10 years in my profession as a nurse everything got protocolised! That is supposed to protect you from being liabel and drilled into you.

So, the next step, stop thinking and just do what you are told and that is what many simply did. The sad part is I saw “once” skilled nurses and doctors adopting this with no questions asked and thus transformed into incompetent practitioners!

It took a few years but within the medical/hospitel field “brainwashed drones” is a sad real fact! The ones that still thought for themselves have, due to the C-problem, resigned in droves I might add.

Multiple dimensions reduced to flatland and many flatlanders have difficulty with that “one size fits all” remedy because it is to difficult!


none of them dared to mark my maskless, grinning muzzle, furthermore they apologized for the ‘inconvenience’, which i ‘surely understand’ on face value. and i was there, could have ripped them apart in a few sentences containing strict scientific facts of virology, toxicology, spike protein, and all the joyride of the citywide scandal that would have followed… but they were like confused little chickens, fenced off reality. and they have to get their 3rd booster this month, because they won’t be counted as ‘immunized, fully vaxxed’! and they are starting to wake up.

u know the story of the prince of peace, who was awake in the night. he knew that they were at war. his students slept. these sleeping people, who obey one size fits all, they do not know it, and yet the first lights of their dawn are already pretty bloody.

p.s: the carpenter guy working for me - pretty nice work he does - ‘had’ to have the jab already being told not to. due to something big corp dodo. 30 years old, healthy before. after jab went bed for 4 weeks! he mostly recovered, but became half-deaf! today info.


I agree about everyone under a spell, it is the most surreal experience.
I retired after 30 years in healthcare because I could not stand the insanity. Healthcare as I was taught totally flipped, up was down and down was up and everyone agreed about the insanity. The spell is a great way to describe what I am observing on a daily basis. I fight everyday for my own thoughts. Do you thinks the 5G is part of the spell? Effecting our thoughts without us being aware.


I have observed similar stupidity up here in Canada. The emergency room wait times before Covid were, at minimum, four hours. I’m sure they are three times as bad now. I live next to a very large hospital and for most of the “pandemic" it has been nearly empty, if the parking lots and emergency entrance are any indicator. When I had to go there I was turned away, and told to go elsewhere for lab tests, even though no one was there. I went to another yesterday, and very few actual sick people were around; mostly staff. Part of me wonders if the plandemic is, on one level, being used to disguise an economic collapse. There is no money left in the public sector, that’s why our healthcare up here continues to worsen, and they are de-funding police in America. I imagine social security will be next. The whole thing is pathetic.

Really glad to hear from you, Doc. Hang in there. I’m praying for you.

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Most knowledgeable nurses I know resignated. The few that stayed are near their pension and are trying to reach that goal unscaved and unvacced.

It is all part and parcel of disaster capitalism so yes the health industry = canibalised until nothing left.

The tiniest kid is targeted by gaming industry, school teachers, health industry to be the biggest scammers they can be in the fastest time possible. The ones that fall victim will be the zombie hordes of tomorrow craving and hunting energy they can’t generate themselves in a hierarchycal system doomed to stay at the lowest bottom of the barrel scraping and scraping.


out of ignorance they harvest our
and hatred
whipped up into extremeties of hormonal poisoning with closely monitored and harboured ‘feelings’ of helplessness, disorientation and floating points of never reachable objectives that traps the mind into the ‘frame’.
nothing new. nothing original. we just lost the wisdom along and again on the way. should not be surprised.


I agree. I’ve observed similar things. There’s a lot I could say about the pop culture notion of zombies as well, but I’ll save it for later. Suffice it say though, the secret is that we are the zombies. The plan has been to make us that way.

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my little heart was very sarcastic when i hit the trackpad for the ‘heart’.
but there is something dark, foreboding lurking behind all these notions, concerning technomagical ideas, methods and tools, wich tells me that we have not seen the zombie-phenomenom played out yet.

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The zombies will be the ones permanently injured by the formula. The other 2 groups will be the dead and the healthy experimental group.

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Big thank you to medical team, that successfully performed Dr. Farrell angioplasty and stent placement and saved his life.


Horrible experience for entire family. Unfortunately Dutch and Belgium govetments are a leading driver of “culture of death”, that western civilization is slowly succumbing to.
Netherlands backs euthanasia for terminally ill children under-12 - BBC News

Euthanasia: Dutch court expands law on dementia cases - BBC News

Belgium’s parliament votes through child euthanasia - BBC News
Canadians are also caching up.

First, Do No Harm: New Canadian Law Allows for Assisted Suicide for Patients with Psychiatric Disorders (