Origin of agenda 2030?!

Once again the usual suspects are involved/inventors? in/off the shady plans thats getting rolled out.



Swedish Leadership for Sustainable Development was founded in 2013. It is a network made up of 26 Swedish rooted companies, selected Swedish expert organisations the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The SLSD initiative came out of two priorities of the Swedish government. First, the government wanted to ensure a broad consultative process leading up to defining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Second, there was a desire to improve the relationship with the private sector in the development assistance context. The initiative was evaluated in 2018 and based on the recommendations, a new phase have started.

Objective of the practice

The network was initiated as part of a stakeholder dialogue prior to the development of the UN's new development goals. With many Swedish companies at the forefront of adopting sustainable approaches, the Swedish Government called for a more proactive role for Swedish companies in the international development cooperation context. Moreover, with development funding being a mere trickle in comparison to the challenges that need to be addressed, untraditional partnerships were sought that would direct more re-sources towards ending poverty.

A common declaration was adopted by about 25 companies, expert organizations and Sida, about important aspects for sustainable global development post-2015. In connection with the adoption of the Global Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015, the members agreed on a joint commitment to - together as a network and through their respective core activities - contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030 by;

  1. Systematically minimize negative impact on the environment, maximize positive effects and create higher efficiency in resource use (related to SDG 12)
  2. Create jobs with decent conditions, productive employment and development opportunities in communities where members operate (related to SDG 8)
  3. Combating corruption and unethical business practices in areas where members operate (related to SDG 16)

    Gender equality and equal treatment are also emphasized by the companies as the prerequisites for securing sustainable development, while information and communication technologies (ICT) and innovative financing solutions are seen as important tools in this work.


The companies are ABB SWEDEN, ASTRA ZENECA, ATLAS COPCO, AXEL JOHNSON, ELEKTA, ERICSSON, FĂ–RETAGARNA, H&M, ICA, IKEA, INDISKA, KF, LINDEX, LĂ–FBERGS, RATOS, SANDVIK, SCANIA, SEB, SPP, SSAB, SYSTEMBOLAGET, TELE2, TELIA, TETRA LAVAL, UNILEVER, VOLVO. The three organisations are Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), Stockholm Interna-tional Water Institute (SIWI), Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC).

Can anyone find any event/plan or major incident these people (Wallenbergs) does not have a major role in??

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I will throw in another theory from WAY OUT in left field as proposed by Jason Brashears in his study of how history predicts the future. It is his contention that the Giza Pyramid is a projection of history- every single measurement (angles, lengths, widths, etc) extremely accurately measured in the 1920’s indicates the year of the phoenix (cataclysmic) every 138 years. The last was 1902 and the next is 2040: over 1/4 of the population will be eliminated, primarily in Asia. He predicts that the sun will be dimmed for a period of no less than 6 years when a second, even bigger event occurs that is the final event: the pole shift which will occur around the Giza Pyramid as the center point. The spiritually awake will be free and the phoenix events will cease. He says this is why they (Mr. Globaloney crowd) are frantically trying to finish their underground cities and are trying to get the sheep to go along with wind and solar ruse with people jammed into cities with no ability to create food- as there will not be enough sun and no wind- so when they finally re-emerge from their DUMBs, the mass of useless eaters will be gone.

As much as I shake my head in disbelief, the criminals we know as Mr. Globaloney, with their chemtrails, poison jabs, $51M robbed each day in the name of NotASpaceAgency to build their retreats… just make me believe this is not as outlandish as I would like to think. They really ARE that evil.

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BTW Jason also predicts that the next political wave in the US will be overly religious, to the point of zealots making the rules- IOW, a swing in the opposite direction of Wokeism. Again, hard to argue that- unless those of us who are paying attention have a say in what is going on around us. Hint.

After reading the book I discovered there’s a cult like following for the series. Found it all quite eerie.

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