Paradime shift in astrophysic

Paradime shift in astrophysic

In the theoretical sciences, it is commonly assumed that the role of gravity is settled—although acclaimed theoretical physicist Richard Feynman observed, “There is no model of the theory of gravitation today, other than the mathematical form." The problem is that mathematics will not account for the essential force in question. And yet, when astrophysicists speculate about Big Bang Theory, one conjecture is followed by another all building on the supposed supremacy of gravity as the driving force of cosmic evolution. Wal Thornhill, Chief Science Advisor of The Thunderbolts Project, shares his forty-year personal journey to better understand—and elucidate—the role of gravity in the EU Model of Cosmology. This noteworthy one-hour conference session was presented at EU2015: Paths of Discovery on June 26th in Phoenix.

Wal Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity | EU2015

Enjoy Wal Thornhill’s presentation from the EU Workshop, November 14-16, 2014, Phoenix, Arizona. More than any other individual, Wal has given the EU movement its emphasis on direct observation and experiment, in contrast to today’s “modeling” of the physical world through extravagant mathematics. Wal’s six presentations provided a compendium of the things that scientifically curious people need to know in order to see the electric force for what it is. This is the fifth of six talks.

Wal Thornhill: Blinded by the Sun | EU Workshop

Montgomery Childs and Dr. Michael Clarage present a review of The SAFIRE PROJECT to date, which includes some new discoveries of the past year.

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