Part 2: BRI and BRICS - Where it stands at YE 2023. (The Philippines Back Out of BRI.)

I think this is certainly a blow to Xi’s BRI but nowhere a death knell. I don’t know if US made The Philippines (“PI”) an offer it couldn’t or did not want to refuse, or, if a simple matter of funding that China could not meet. The withdrawal of Italy and by consequence, The Vatican, likely paid a large part in the decision, given the fact that PI is largely Roman Catholic.

If what looks to be a possible partnership between US, Japan and others, with an ‘island hop’ transport route from Guam, Maui to California is true, PI could be useful; esp. if Taiwan falls. In any case, PI is kept out of Chinese hands, for now.

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Quick hypothesis review: Is the burning of Canadian land, parts of US West Coast, Maui and other places the ‘preparation stage’ for a transport system to be built in North America? Is the large influx of immigrants (illegals) due to the fact that laborers will be needed to help build that transportation system; as we know that US & Canada do not have enough young, strong men to build out such a project? Do the burns in California and Maui project a possible path across The Pacific to Guam, Japan and now possibly PI in that transportation system plan? All areas to watch in 2024.,are%20shown%20with%20grey%20markers


Note the word ‘Construction’. I’m not saying they won’t attack us at some time but wonder if they might be here to build out first?

Yeah, let’s show China just how badly out of shape we are. Oh, that’s right, they already know!

A quite different viewpoint on what may be going on:

From the Crypto Viewing channel

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In general, your video is true. Not sure what it has to do with BRI/BRICS, specifically.

Although I hate the mechanized audio in this video, the numbers given are correct, as much as I can verify them. Important to note at the start, it claims US is prepped for ‘two and a half wars’. Not sure how the ‘half’ plays into it; yeah, they explain but…whatever.

What’s very insightful is at min. 6:55, when the route is shown to the Pacific off China from San Diego. Ask yourself why this route? There could be any number of reasons; show of power, meet-up, pick up/drop off, all sorts of things.

Pearl Harbor turned 115 years old this year. Yes, there’s been revamps but the entire area has grown with regard to business, tourism, govt, etc. It is much harder, logistically and much more time-consuming to try and tear out the old Pearl and put in a new Pearl. Enter, the new Port of Maui!
I reiterate, it’s still a perfect location.

Notice we’ve not heard a peep about what happened since the Chinese lab in CA and going forward? To bring you up-to-date, insurance is not paying, people who have smaller plots of land are selling because they can’t legally rebuild without insurance, which won’t insure anymore. The rich, who are set, are staying and buying, along with ‘companies’, likely associated with govt. Public attention is diverted and nobody outside of Maui seems to give a flip anymore.

San Diego to Maui to Guam/Philippines. It’s a Plan. Take this for what you will…


Okay, Hypotheses 2 & 3 copied and 1 was done earlier (Manchin).

Aloha! Off to Las Vegas, then, to Kauai for Christmas. Will be going through airport on Maui. Should be informative.

Mele Kalikimaka!!!

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Hypothesis #4 (Relates to Hypothesis #2 BRICS/BRI)

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is NOT just planes, trains, ships and automobiles. It includes advanced cable and chemical systems for ground-based AND satellite guidance and communications, monitoring of businesses and individuals and their movements, 5G, all electronic systems and when the time comes, CBDC. There can be no world wide CBDC without BRI. All that we see playing out in the world right now, from elections, wars, agriculture, disease, migration(s), etc. is due to leaders-in-the-know jostling for position with regard to BRI.

The vast majority of world leaders are probably in the dark regarding the real goings on. I would change what George Carlin once said to, “It’s a small club and we (and they) ain’t in it!” From the hidden systems of finance, black budgets, massive money printing and all assets unaccounted for, it’s not going straight into Space programs, although that’s a part of it. A complete ‘system’ must be constructed in order to have total control of all systems, everywhere, at the same time. What better way to hide all this than to disguise it as something else, something ‘lesser’ and let it remain in front of our faces? Completely covert is not possible with a Plan this big.

Without a completed and working Belt and Road Initiative, there can be no New World Order.

Listen to this pair in link below asking questions with likely answers right in front of them!

Putin, without a doubt, is the sharpest paring knife in the drawer. He’s all-in with Netanyahu’s plan but the 2 foxes will probably fight for total control once the ground preps are done.

And here it is. From the demented old mans mouth to everyones ears.

Argentina won't join BRICS as scheduled, says member of Milei's transition team | AP News.

Destinations, according to the migrants: Minnesota, New York, Chicago, New Jersey
Why these Blue strongholds? How would this change the 2024 election outcome? It won’t change 2024 but, it could be the stationing of an upcoming workforce. What would they be working on?

I post the video below not because I care about their opinion of Trump but because more and more, my suspicions re: additional reason(s) migrants flooding US might be a reality. The Infrastructure Plan has not even been rolled out, yet, people are calling for more migrant workers, as there are not enough laborers in The U.S. to do the needed work.

The hypothesis remains that the migrants are here to work and build, whether voluntary, or not. Whatever else they’re here for comes after that…

Min. 1:45 to 2:15

A 15-Minute City, WITH A MODERN PORT! How handy for NA BRI!
Without BRI, there can be no NWO!

Regardless of how you feel about this man, he is giving us The Plan(s) and how it’s going to operate! I’m hoping all who read this listen to the presentation and make of it what you will but you’ll be surprised at the difference in the real numbers and who/what countries are truly at stake here.

Although not discussed in this report, I have long held the strong suspicion (can’t prove) that China was the one attacked with Covid and not the originator of it. Dr. Lieber was there for a reason. I have friends who visited China over a decade ago and saw the huge empty cities. My friends are highly trained engineers and damned good at math. They told me that given what China has to put into all the real estate, they would likely never recover. The numbers in the report below bear that out. He talks about how much more expensive land transport is than water transport, which we all know. Mexico, Canada, SE Asia and who will do what. Without saying, “NWO”, he is giving us the layout of it and you will realize just how much lying is going on.

If China ends up with Taiwan, it’s because The U.S. gave it to them! There’s no political strain over it. Min. 56:20 & I quote, “The slower China breaks down, the more time we have to build the industrial plants that we need…” Other than that, China is likely going down afterward and will not be the world power you keep hearing about. Why? IT’S BRI! BRI is everything. Whomever gets there first, WINS!


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