Part 7: Israel Reportedly Plans to Hit Shifa Hospital Very Soon

Gaza Health Ministry Update: Dozens of IDF soldiers reportedly entered Emergency Dept. Bldg. in Shifa Hospital.

I used a search on Duck go Duck and found this video dated May 2021, thought it was current news.
Any chance some are currently being recycled?


I’m unable to watch the video but it is very possible it’s being replayed.

Update, it plays now. My laptop bad. It does not look like the same video as the one I just posted.

No the issue raised is I wonder if many of the old videos are being used in the current reporting. This has network stamp but posted in YouTube.

It does not look like a current video that I have viewed but yes, I am looking at that aspect. At the very least, I think there are crisis actors and/or scenes on both sides.

Yeah.Welcome to Ride of the Valkyries!Again,again and again.Vietnam like,only this time maybe with nuclear or other “exotic” types of weapons Ride of the Valkyries.

Unless of course many,and many, many more who are all one and all at the same time let the sunshine in.

Wich remains to be,or not to be seen. :man_shrugging:
And no this is not gnostic,dialectic,new age or hippy Scheiße (pardon my German),or whatever.This is happening right now in front of ours,or yours noses.But if the one or the many are mentally myopic…well…hell…

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Ben G’vir statement at min. 2:00.

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"Blinken also laid out his most detailed vision yet for the future of Gaza, saying it “must include Palestinian-led governance and Gaza unified with the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority.”

Interesting that US is now seemingly giving the orders. Has been Yahu up to now but think it will be cold day in hell when he accepts the terms.

More intersesting how they will do that now that there is no more “Gaza”…

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Looks to me that the Muslim world is trying to avoid getting baited into a bigger conflict.

At the higher levels they know Hamas is just another deepstate extension like Isis and the other cells.

Lets see how this evolves, but imo it looks like the MIC is getting desperate and is having a hard time getting traction for anything then smaller regional conflicts.

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This is just so sad. Nobody gives a flip about these people…
I agree with Zeihan in this instance; everyone in ME wants Gazans dead (esp. Egypt). Nobody wants them and willing to let Israel do the dirty work, then, blame Israel for everything (my own words).

This guy is in Colorado talking a walk and casually giving a run down on the Middle East situation?
Wonder who is providing his script, and why?

As Dr. has said (para), the Dispensationalist prophecy is the deception. I do not know if he would agree with any part of what INL is saying but what is being related should be considered.

Start min. 22:00 for short version. What ‘cache’ of guns?! Gang mems in my hood have more than that!