Paying membership with a Visa/MasterCharge gift card

Wondering if I can pay upcoming membership with a Visa/MasterCard card that one buys in the store for a given amount. Also, can membership be paid with a check or cash?

That would probably work with stripe I’d be willing to bet $5 it will work.

Thanks @Bahri. I am going to give it a try and buy a gift card. I looked to see how I paid before under “Account” and the way I paid last time says “incomplete” which sounds like it won’t pay again automatically.

What a pain. For those interested, I will let you know how it works using the MC/Visa Gift card. BTW using the link WuWu provided is no help at all, but thank you, WuWu, for trying.


About check/cash payments, I found this on the Support Center page, under “Manual Payments?”:

E.g. I don’t trust digital payments and want to pay with paper check or cash.

Cash and paper checks are not in our future, since this is an online, digital venue like Netflix rather than a physical brick and mortar location like the local Theater. Online service, therefore online payment.

This provides an extra layer of security, since you control your own subscription and payments, rather than us employing and charging for the labor-intensive process of human tellers to process manual payments and turn accounts off/on manually.

Sometimes we like to joke and say that the analogue version of an online premium content platform is called “a book store”, and Dr. Farrell already contributes heavily to that if you’d like to visit one.

About prepaid credit cards, some payment processors may accept them and others don’t . . . It’s hard to know without trying – I’d be surprised if even the webmaster knows, unless this issue has come up in the past.

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