Pfizer Admits: Israel Is Massive Experiment For mRNA Gene Therapy Shots

Israel as vax lab: up to 4th dose … trying to keep up with the variants!


@margaret Oh yeah, you bet! A lot more than a mere kill shot.

Knowing I will never be able to visit Israel again has been distressing to me, but the thought that the entire nation has been turned into Dr Mengele’s laboratory has shocked me to the core. I can imagine a future where, if permitted, these companies will simply keep rolling out ‘boosters’ and ‘additional shots’ until they have achieved their multi-layered goals.


its a treadstone shot, or seems so

This is a good example to site to anyone you know who might lean towards " the Jews are behind everything " camp. Ordinary citizens there are being exploited just like the rest if the world.


The sticking point is that Israel had to consent to such an “experiment”. Why?

Apparently, Pfizer’s injections are not working as designed.
People are still living in Israel.