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One would have to be either willfully deaf or dumb, or blind, not to have noticed the stories emerging that are signaling the demise of the planscamdemic narrative, and more importantly, the blowback against “global health initiatives”. In fact, this week i received not only the usual batch of news about adverse injection reactions, but…


This was my thoughts as well after posting on this a couple of days ago; if more rulings in disfavor of the whole Covid-apparatus is gonna make people go after politicians and decision-makers and takers for their roles in this whole situation.
Most politicians, in Europe and the US at least, made sure they could not be held accountable if/when things turned out not so great for them down the road.
I remember thinking that it might backfire on them, cause when an operation of this magnitude goes bad, people aren’t just gonna accept that they have a “get out of jail card”.
More likely they will put two and two together and see that politicians only draw up escape routes when they know what they’re doing is illegal.
After WWII people wouldn’t accept the responsible people for the atrocities to walk away cause they’d given themselves immunity, and they won’t forgive the guilty people for this either.
Like the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, who sat on the WEF forum and said that it is easier to take away people’s rights if people are dying and there’s a sense of emergency.
When her government gave themselves immunity for all eventualities, people understands something is up.
At least when the die off starts.
I believe they will find it hard to be reelected. And then their “go to method” is usually false flag or real disaster events to shift opinions and mindsets or just start chaos.
But people are waking up finally. The old playbook’s not working for them anymore.

Promising, though my optimism is tempered by seeing people still wearing masks. They WANT to give up their freedoms. Hopefully they’re a small percentage though the operation seemed pretty successful, at least where I live.

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We pray that you are right about cards falling down, and that the hard work that many people have been doing over the last few years, to bring truth to light, will lead to justice. We believe that this can happen if the average person simply chooses to tune into one’s internal intuition, and then refuses to center his or her life around complying with ridiculous narratives, in exchange for petty conveniences (which, in many cases, just lead to declining health). We have not quite lost our hope in humanity, even during this dark age.

German Dr. (MD) Heiko Schoening thinks there may be a bacterial bioweapon scamdemic being planned (described in a two-volume book, in German, called “Game Over”). He does not give many interviews in English, but most of the German interviews are close-captioned, and can be set to “auto-translate into English”, so that one can glean overall “gist” of his ideas.

In this (German) interview, he mentions being suspicious about BIll G. talking about the microbiome. and gives his thoughts about where he thinks the European war is progressing (interesting thoughts coming from a German doctor).

In this (German) interview, he gives more details about why he thinks that the “microbiome” may be the next point of focus for another planned scam.

In this very short (English) 12 minute interview, he mentions some “playing cards” that he has produced, that identifies global characters of scandemic crimes. In that interview, he references a web site on which he gives a presentation that outlines some details of his thoughts of the bioweapons industry (translated into English):

I’m praying that these things won’t manifest, with all the pushback going on, albeit we’ll remain vigilant. The most important thing is that we all look after our own health, as best as we can. And help others to get through this dark time so that people can become resilient towards lies.