Plasma physics book

No need.Have something better.:smirk:

But for your pleasure…here>


Very much appreciate you for posting this, and I’m certain others will find this interview very worthwhile. This was one of my favorites, and also love Dr Scott de Hart.


I suggest you listen to the latest vid chat in which I posed a question to Dr. Farrell about this book and plasma in general. His current views may surprise you.

…that is if you’re a member

Unfortunately, no longer a member, got wiped out financially a few years ago, and only have SS these days. Thanks for the help!

Not a problem. I just wanted to let people know get caught up literally on his latest take on this issue which was Friday instead of one from (years?) Ago. Every question will be answered in regards to his thoughts

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Tried to get this information but cannot find it. Guess the rest of humanity will never know until it is too late, and so many folks will be in the dark. Just does not make any sense if the information is actually that important enough to keep hidden behind a paywall that some of us can no longer afford. Just doesn’t make sense! Does it make sense to you?

I find it awful you got wiped out financially but why keep anything behind a paywall?? We all know why and we all need to eat and or try to make a living.

Whatever the subject before Joseph makes public opinions they seem well thought thru and never change much. They might be tweaked some degrees, if new information comes available, but not by the usual 90/180 degrees other people seem to do constantly to stay relevant.


Seems almost everyone and every facet of modernity is making a living on storage and dissemination of information, some of it even passes as knowledge.

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A spirit in a physical package is never free from its nature regardless of its way of income. If personal choice is overwritten by so called greater good and or other reason you want to hide behind, Joseph his site and forum would be fast a thing of the past.

That certainly will greatly serve the dissemination of information & knowledge. (sarcasm)

Choices are choices, the limiting factor makes for an enjoyable experience.

Lol, you can watch countless dark journalist episodes on YouTube with Joseph and he certainly doesn’t “hold back”. His current views I was referring to was addressing a question I posed for him in a members chat… Some people enjoy the discourse thus pay a monthly fee, you expect him to give up EXTRA time for free?

This isn’t socialism.

His newest revision to the giza star books coming out next month will have several chapters in regards to plasma physics and how they relate to religion (notably Christianity) so he didn’t even scratch the surface for this topic yet…

I’m sure he’ll be on DJ talking about this “for free” in more detail fairly soon.

He’s not “hiding behind a paywall”. :v::v:


Nice to know we are the 1% in the universe.


Thanks for keeping up with this thread, and just to let you know I was following JPF before he established his GizaDeathStar website. If it is ‘secret’ information that is not to be revealed to other folks then I understand you are unable to share. Thanks again for your response.

What you are talking about here may or may not be true. But keep in mind that some of us who are here have drank and still drink from other different sources of knowledge also, including the sources of knowledge from Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, from whose sources of knowledge one should know how to drink.
The way of perceiving, selecting, and processing information is important, and different for each individual. For example, there are those who, just by listening to what Dr. Joseph P. Farrell says or has said, let’s say at the beginning or the end, or in the middle of an interview, he says much more sometimes than what he writes in the books.
We listen carefully to such things,intensively and with great concentration and attention.
Everything is not only in the books. It never was. That’s why there are books, but also teachers, professors at the same time. :smirk:

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Thanks, I now have a good perception about some of the subjects which should not be talked about or spoken of in great detail as they are way too dangerous! Thanks to everyone for helping to ‘jog’ my memory about that ‘stuff’.

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This love of Elon confuses me…