Plasma physics book

Quick reminder the book Dr. Farrell and I mentioned in the latest vidchat is called “A New Science of Heaven” by Robert Temple



Ordered book looking forward to reading. Found an interesting podcast of him discussing the concepts.


Thanks for the post I’ll definitely check it out. I watched this interview above which inspired me to buy the book. It is absolutely incredible!

I know very well jay weidner can be a bit “iffy” to say the least on certain subjects but he is SPOT ON with plasma physics, and both he and temple have wonderful rapport along with some amazing personal stories. Well worth a watch!


Ironically I’ve viewed this podcast before as I have enjoyed Jay’s other works on Gaia. The plasma topic didn’t register at the time. I don’t remember how I came across the interview. Several years ago I used to watch and appreciated Jay Weidner and Jay Dyer when they had a series on Gaia about esoterica and predictive programming in various Hollywood movies.

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Might aswell put the other two books on the subject out there. This trilogy was suggested by a member a few months ago thru the news and views section if I remember correctly.
The two other books are;
Skinwalkers at the Pentagon which I don’t think is all that relevant besides the obfuscation portion of the Plasma story. The book is typical George Knapp fodder in my opinion.
Origins of the Gods by Andrew Collins & Gregory L. Little. More about our possible interactions with Plasma beings thru history and less about the scientific implications.


I enjoyed that same esoteric Hollywood series as well. Like I said I enjoy a lot of JW work especially his analysis of 2001, and all his Kubrick breakdowns.

The interview I posted above only came out a month ago though so it definitely isn’t a year old just to clarify.

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Correct. It was not too long ago I saw the interview. I haven’t seen anything of him since.
Though I am curious about his long absence he mentioned and said he’d talk about it later.

At the 28 min time of the 1st part of the interview the good doctor states the ‘clouds’ have not done anything really harmful to us, meaning humanity, I would like to point out the History of Mankind has been ‘war, war, war, unending wars’. Plus all the other bad things humans do to other humans. So, I suppose that is solid evidence those ‘clouds’ are not all that helpful for humanity. Seems that all they are useful in doing is to ‘store’ a lot of information.

I am fascinated with how ideas originate and where they come from. Subjects such as this command my attention as I am open to critique any possibilities of origin.
Agree our human history is one of war and aggression. Why that is the case leads me to think that is how we want it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Plasma encompasses way more than just the clouds. It’s 99 percent of our universe. I absolutely believe there are negative “plasma entities” influencing us in horrible ways. Think egregores.

So I’m in agreement with you, but wanted to clarify the true nefarious versions of plasma entities may or may not solely reside in the k clouds, they are for the most part surrounding us constantly here on earth but invisible to our senses.


Non serious… :wink:


Some American Indians, Aborigines of Australia, and some of the original peoples in Africa also had a similar belief, and they could ‘sense’ them as being either negative, or positive. Does that sound plausible?


Do you people read and understand the title, subtitle of this book?
Really? :thinking: :smirk:
How can the science of plasma physics can shed any light on spirituality at all?
This is some kind of joke right? :thinking: :smirk:

Ever heard of “divine intervention”. What about “guardian angels”. Every ancient story of higher beings influencing and “guiding humanity”.

If you read this book or any others on plasma then you would understand that it’s properties and actions display intelligence, sentience and consciousness. These are physicists saying this not me.

So I would argue completely opposite to your view and say this new science actually is the beginning of real proof religion, spiritual beings, and astral world’s not only exist but they are the VAST MAJORITY of the universe.


Absolutely plausible. I believe our ancient ancestors were far more “tuned in” to the spirit world. Our decline into materialism has dulled our senses. If you want to use a corny new age term “closed our third eye” :wink:

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Helps explain the “bad vibes” when entering a room or being around some people. I booked a seat on the Lockerbie flight that crashed in the late 80’s but something came up and I had to change the reservation. Once in a while I see a sparkle of light, similar to firefly spark, when I’m outside in my yard. Intuition leads me to think of divine intervention.

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Albeit reluctantly, and may Doc JPF pardon me, but in this case I have to quote him briefly, namely to remind you that there is what he calls primary matter,materia prima.

I will stop here, for the idea(factual one) to sink in for a while.

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Аnd you have seen these phenomena at night or during the day time?

Yes, I remember his discussion on the materia prima. Refresh my memory on which book or interviews did he discuss that? Seems like it was on The Byte Show.

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