Plasmoid technology

Here are two presentations I have seen in the last couple of days. Some very big claims being made, especially around energy sources that are based around plasmoids. I am pretty sure the Electric Universe folk are working with similar ideas in their Solfire project; it ‘appears’ that there is a lot going on with such ideas (plasmoids), and the claim that the release of this technology as an open-source project is merely months away. The first of the presentations is an interview with Raymond Carlson and Graham Hancock on a Joe Rogan podcast. The second is one that just popped up on my FB page…that one is not a great vid, with sound issues when trying to replay the Joe Rogan interview, and it eventually gets ‘shut down’ for violating ‘youboobtube’ protocols! That alone makes it interesting lol! What do people think of all of this??? :slight_smile: