Playing rocket games

Entering hypersonic speed.Geting on target quickly.Exiting hypersonic speed.Vulnerability in an instance.Resulting in destruction.Somehow this reminds me of Star Trek ships.Warp exiting.Instantly vulnerable at lower speeds.Poor maneuverability,slowness,inertness before hitting the intended target . Impractical. Speed is not all,both now and in the future.Оbviously.So much for the so much advertised and highly praised “Кинжал” rockets.


the Kinzhal rocket does not exit hypersonic speed at all. it goes all the way through. that is a big difference between vessels/ships and projectile weapons.


here is a very detailed and concise professional ‘treatise’ on Russian rockets

and it corrects my ‘mistakes’ as well, although i would argue with some points, but my goal here is not playing a physicist, though my father is, and i was brought up on Aviation Week, which was somewhat interesting here behind the then ‘red-line’ of Europe.
just to make a point: the author writes that “The fact is, no manmade object can travel at hypersonic speeds at ground atmospheric levels.”
as a Gizar i would dearly object to this statement. otherwise the article is great.

p.s.: and the comments are good too… some of them pointing at some flaws of the original arguments


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he meant the ‘Greek’ Gods, i believe… Olympia was their abode.

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on the possibility of communicating with plasma-sheathed hypersonic missiles. tadaaa…

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And still.Look! Rockets!Rockets everywhere! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Not removing anything at all.Just adding more and more. :thinking:

It has a rocket in it, okay?!