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Amid record cold this weekend (I woke up today to blog, to find all my pipes frozen!), and with the Amairikuhn lamestream propatainment media continuing to promote the climate change narrative and Baal Gates wanting to “dim the sun” (Really, haven’t you busybody billionaires done enough damage?), there’s a story emerging in Poland that the…


Ooh! dr. Farrell you should hear/see all the comments from mostly German X accounts how now current Polish gov is a wonderful template for rest of EU countries, it’s unreal.
As a Pole on duty here on forum, let me share few of my suspicions and thoughts about current political makeup of Poland.
So, the PiS a center right party that lost the majority in parliament are considered a lot more patriotic that PO party that is second largest and currently was able to form coalition with lesser parties and currently runs also executive branch of gov. They are considered shills for EU globalists with Donald Tusk a party leader having strong ties to Germany, possibly with Nazi International thru his grandfather a Wehrmacht officer.
The story begins with a first state visit of Biden in Poland shortly after Russia invaded the Ukraine. On the same day he met with president Duda and surprise, surprise with Tusk. This was without precedent since Tusk was a minority opposition leader not even in a parliamentary representative, since he didn’t run in previous election cycle…
Everybody was saying at that time that this is Biden payback for unforgivable gaffe that PAD(President Andrzej Duda) committed when he was the last of all head of states to congratulate Baden as an “unduly” elected president of USA.
What a nerve, one may think, that mid-size colonies of imperium can show off this kind of embarrassing signs of disobedience.
Worth noting that Duda had a quite close relationship with Trump.
So that was a prevailing reason for Biden embracing nobody like Tusk at that time.

Here is the rub. Personally I think that this was not quite complete story of the events.
Me thinks and suspects that already in the beginning of military operation in UKR, Biden wanted Poland and other NATO countries to get involved in the conflict with their troops on the ground, but Kaczynski, Duda and Staff of Polish Armed Forces said- Nein by this they sealed their fate.
In this case of disobedience most likely CIA and other American intel agencies had a plan to bring Tusk to power.
That was achieved thru paper ballot election fraud.
There is an interesting map of double voting in certain areas of Poland, that almost proofs that foul was in place.

So, not only EU is cheering up Tusk whose role is going to be dismantling the rule of law in the country, but Biden criminal government actually did most of the work imo.

One of the first announcement of current prime minister of Poland Tusk was statement that he plans to privatize many state majority owned companies to foreign capital. Guess who’s the winner of that? Black Rocks and alike with their Nazi Internatinal counterparts from Germany.

Poor Tusk overplayed his cards, invasion of his cronies of Presidential Palace was one bridge to far. Poles are livid and there is a strong chance of dissolving current parliament and scheduling new election in the spring.


As a fellow European I feel for you. I fought against the EU before its inception knowing full well why it was erected. Quess we will have to dismantle it from within, every country on its own. That there is an EU like America with its various states united behind those cleptocrats is a fantasy.